You don’t want to have to worry about how your pet is doing while you’re laying on the beach, so taking a few measures to protect your animal is good for your peace of mind. Fortunately, ensuring Fluffy gets her food, water and company isn’t too difficult, and you can even keep an eye on her yourself! Here are some tips for protecting your pet while away:

Get a Sitter

Ask a close friend or family member to stop by while you’re away. This person can refill food and water bowls and spend some time playing with your lonely pet – your animal will miss your company, after all. The pet sitter should be someone your dog or cat has met in the past, as this will help your them feel more comfortable.

You can give your friend a house key, but also make sure he or she knows how to work your alarm system. Give your sitter the passcode and demonstrate how to turn it off and on when he or she comes and goes.

Furthermore, make sure the sitter has your phone number and the number for the hotel in which you are staying. That way, he or she can contact you in the event of an emergency. Other helpful information to leave includes the vet’s phone number, dietary restrictions and medications your animal may take.

Check in on Your Animal

Using your home security system and smart phone app, you can peek to see how Fluffy is doing in your absence. The app allows you to view live footage coming from the security cameras inside of your home. When you get some downtime, you’ll be able to look at those videos to see what your pet has been doing. You can even look at old footage to catch up on Fluffy’s adventures. Periodically checking in will give you some peace of mind that both your home and your furry friend are doing alright.

Don’t Worry

Your security system will send an alert to your phone in the event of a break-in, so don’t freak out! If an unauthorized individual trips your alarm, the police will be notified, as will you. The chances are that nothing will happen, especially if you have a pet sitter checking in on things. Do yourself a favor and enjoy vacation knowing your home and pet are protected.

Flick the Lights

Even though the pet sitter will be coming and going while you’re away, you should still take measures to make your home seem occupied. Burglars are less likely to try and invade a home that has people inside. You can use an appliance module to control your lights remotely. By plugging your lamps into the module, you give your phone control of the appliance. Flick the lights on during times you’d normally use them. Not only will this deter criminals, but it will also help your pet feel more at ease.