While planning for a vacation can be a joyous time, it’s important to remember the safety of your home while gone. Whether you have a neighbor keeping a close eye or if you have the top of the line home security system, you want to make sure you have a plan for protecting your home while you’re gone.

Burglars at times may pick your home at random, but most burglaries while on vacation can happen as a result from someone they know. It can happen if you tell the world on social media such as your Facebook profile that you are leaving town for a certain amount of time. If they know you’ll be gone, they might take advantage. So remember to not always share your life’s details through social media.

Remember to arm your alarm system and only share your disarming code with a few select people. You can also program secondary codes to disarm your system. With Protect America’s Simon XT, you can program up to six different codes and assign them to people as you need. This is a great service that is completely free. Your home security system actually keeps track of who arms and disarms your system at different times.

Make sure to keep all doors and windows locked and covered. If you have blinds on your windows, make sure they are placed to where no one can take a peek inside. Burglars are often triggered to break into your home if they see something specifically they want to steal from your home.

Take time to protect your home and make sure everything is taken care. There’s nothing like having true peace of mind while on vacation. At Protect America your safety is everything to us. We strive to ensure quality information that will help you in every day life.

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