If you’ve got a little bit of money to spare, it’s never a bad idea to step up your home’s security. We posted a blog post earlier about inexpensive and effective ways to protect your home from a burglary, so we decided to do a follow-up in case you have a modest budget to work with. Without further ado, here are a few things you can do with a modest budget to further protect your home from a burglary:

Upgrade Your Doors:

Most burglars enter your home through your front or back door, so it seems fitting this should be your first upgrade. If you have a hollow core door, it’s probably pretty easy to kick in or break down. For only $50 more, you can upgrade to a metal-clad door and for only $2-300 more you can upgrade to a solid wood door. Remember, burglars only spend, on average, a total of 60 seconds trying to break into your home. If you can deter them that long, your home is much less likely to get broken into.

Upgrade Your Locks:

This is a very easy upgrade to do and can work wonders in protecting your home. For $25-$150, you can upgrade to a reliable Grade 2 (very good) or Grade 1 (the highest level of residential security available) deadbolt. You can easily install this yourself, and it will make it much harder for a burglar to break in through your doors.

Upgrade Your Windows:

Windows are glass. Glass breaks easily. However, interestingly enough most burglars actually just attempt to unlock and open your windows to get into your home. The noise from breaking the glass would bring too much unwanted attention. The solution is simple: Replace your windows with windows that include a built in feature only allowing them to open up to 6 inches. These windows do not slide out of their frames like older windows and generally provide tougher glass, making it more difficult to break them.

Upgrade Your Lights:

For a mere $50, you can replace your current lights with motion sensor lights to secure the perimeter of your home. You can even program these lights to stay on for a certain amount of time. Burglars prefer the easy route when it comes to breaking into a home. If a light has motion sensors, it could very well deter them from sticking around your home too long.

Upgrade Your Fence:

This could be upgrading or constructing a fence in your backyard or one in your front yard. Upgrading or constructing tells other people, “This is my yard and my property so stay away.” There have been psychological studies to prove this deters people from even stepping onto your property.

Upgrade Your Home Security System:

Have a home security system that isn’t quite cutting it these days? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Only have sensor points on a few entrances into your home? Fix that now. An alarm system is one of the biggest deterrents for burglars, whether it’s the sound it makes when it goes off or the sticker in the front of your home that says you have one.

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