A Tulsa man is thankful his neighbors noticed some suspicious behavior around his house. Christina Katalfano saw a man and a woman pull up to her neighbor’s home, approach the door and then quickly circle around to the back yard.

Police were called and arrived on the scene before the burglars could get away. It’s an excellent example of why you should cultivate good relationships with your neighbors. Security systems are an excellent line of defense, but some extra pairs of eyes on your house can never hurt! Friendly neighbors are more likely to be alerted of suspicious behavior and you can do the same for them!

Bonus: Mugshot or Yearbook Photo?

We wouldn’t want to see this smiling face burglarizing any home, but it certainly is a mugshot worth sharing. Watch below:

Fox 23 KOKI-TV

Have a hunch?

If something doesn’t seem right at a neighbor’s house, think about calling for help. You never know – you could help someone take a mugshot / yearbook photo of their own.

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