Organizing and simplifying your life can have tremendous effects on the way your home makes you feel. Unfortunately, it’s a task that requires more than a little effort and time. However, tackling it a small bursts breaks this intimidating task into a much more manageable one. Going through and decluttering your entire house might feel impossible, but approaching it for just five or ten minutes a day? You have time for that.

Steps to Take

Whether it’s every day, every other day, or just once a week, progress is progress. When dedicating five minutes to this task, commit to it; don’t do anything else or let yourself be side tracked by distractions. Leave your phone far away. Just focus on the tangible clutter. It’s only for five minutes, so make these five minutes only for this task. Consider these tips for using those five minutes most productively when decluttering your home day by day:

  1. Narrow your focus. Pick just one small area of your home to tackle today. Being overambitious can demotivate you from continuing tomorrow if you inevitably find that you can’t organize your entire closet in 5 minutes. Choose just one drawer or one corner.
  2. Have a trash can, donation bag, and an “I’ll think about it” box on hand. Sort everything that doesn’t belong in this area into these bags.
  3. Go through each item one at a time. Pick an object, hold it in your hand, and think about it specifically. When was the last time I used this? If you can’t remember, there’s little chance it’ll be used in the future, either. Does this belong somewhere else in the house? Get into the habit of giving all of your items a “home,” somewhere that they belong—somewhere you can always find it.
  4. Put today’s date on the “I’ll think about it” box. In three months, donate or trash the remaining contents—anything you haven’t taken out to use.

Once you’re finished, congratulate yourself! Schedule the next step and hold yourself accountable to it. Also, get the clutter you just cleared out of your home. Take out the trash as soon as possible and drop donations off whenever you can. Having it out of the door clears the air and creates a feeling of finalizing simplicity.

As you are progressing along your decluttering journey, keep those areas organized and decluttered. It doesn’t have to look picture perfect, but get into the habit of keeping things where they belong. You’ll find yourself using your belongings more and losing them less often.

Good luck! Share this with the people in your life that could really use some simplicity!