A home security provider should make you feel safe and supported; they should be a resource you can trust. Protect America tries to prove these qualities from the start by being upfront and informative, and throughout the process Protect America provides accessible and quick support. But how does ASG Security match up?


Going through ASG Security’s entire website, it is impossible to find any information about how much they charge or what their pricing ranges look like. They only provide a vague explanation that their pricing packages are “flexible,” but they don’t give a range at all. This is a dishonest practice; they try to hide information from the customer in order to keep the upper hand in negotiations. Getting information by phone is not much more efficient. Callers often get redirected four or more times between headquarters and local offices and different departments… and so on. This scavenger hunt for basic information wastes so much time, and it’s an entirely unnecessarily process just to learn about their pricing, installation fees, and equipment.

Protect America has our basic packages and monitoring plans and prices clearly detailed on our easy-to-navigate site. Protect America has information about all of their services online so that it is easy to access for our customers, and we are constantly trying to improve the resources we offer. Honesty and transparency with customers should be a priority right from the start.


From online reviews of ASG Security, it looks like their low-end monthly price starts around $27.95. However, their upfront costs add up to about $150. This is exorbitantly high. The industry average is about $19, and Protect America charges $0. Many customers have also claimed that ASG Security will try to raise the monthly rate without any prior notification. Protect America gives customers a locked-in rate for the entirety of their contract and won’t try to sneak in rate increases hoping they won’t notice.

Protect America offers very affordable security packages that start at $19.99. This includes free equipment and free installation without any activation or hidden fees.


Even though all of their equipment is wireless, ASG Security still requires that it be installed by a professional, which incurs more charges, of course, as well as the hassle of having to meet someone and invite them into your home. Protect America not only sends you all of the equipment for free, you can install it yourself. Wireless equipment doesn’t require complex wiring or set up. The control panel is pre-programmed before it is sent out to you, so it’s ready to go as soon as it arrives at your home. And if you do need a little bit of support, our customer care is ready to assist you and make the experience as easy as possible.

Home Automation

ASG Security does offer a basic home automation package. However, it is missing many features that make up a comprehensive home protection system. They offer a temperature control option, but it doesn’t include the disaster sensor feature that most companies include. They also don’t offer smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors for monitoring potentially deadly conditions in your property when you’re away, having left children or pets at home.

Protect America offers comprehensive protection for every area of your life, from medical panic pendants to Z-wave controlled door locks to video surveillance with live feeds. Disaster sensors detect rising water, dropping temperatures, and high heat. Other life safety features Protect America offers include carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Protect America’s home automation packages also offer a free SMART Connect App for smartphones.


Protect America provides a responsive and responsible home security service that fits anyone’s property safety needs. Protect America goes above and beyond to offer comprehensive protection and support to their customers from start to finish. ASG Security’s offerings, policies, and prices just aren’t competitive with top home security companies like Protect America. ASG Security lacks transparency, and, as a result, they rely on unnecessary fees and large upfront costs to overcharge their customers.