Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year. With costumes and candy, the night of the 31st is always teeming with activity and curious sights. However, earlier this week we wrote about how this is the deadliest night for pedestrians in the entire year. In fact, Halloween comes with very many hazards that can endanger the safety and even lives of your children.

A big part of Halloween safety is choosing an appropriate and safe costume. Here are some quick things to consider when choosing out and editing your child’s costume before they head out the door for trick-or-treating.

Costume Considerations

  • Don’t wear masks. They limit your child’s vision and can be clunky and irritating to wear.
  • Make sure your costumes are made out of flame resistant material. You can check the tag on most store-bought costumes to see if it indicates flame resistance. If making your own costumes, nylon and polyester are considered flame resistant because they less easily catch on fire and are extinguished quickly if they do catch on fire.
  • Bright colors are easier to spot than dark colors when walking around at night so that vehicle drivers are more likely to notice them on or near the road. This will also make it easier for you to keep track of your kids.
  • Avoid long capes or dresses. These are easily stepped on by others or even the child themselves, resulting in tripping and falling.
  • Avoid baggy shirts, flowy skirts, or billowy sleeves. They are more likely to come into contact with flames from spooky candles or jack-o-lanterns.
  • Trim and decorate costumes and bags to increase your child’s visibility to motorists.
  • Wear sensible and sturdy shoes. Stay away from oversized shoes that make it difficult for the child to walk.
  • Props should be made from flexible and blunt material. Consider the case that if they accidentally fall on it or hit someone with it, no one would be hurt by the prop.

If you want to learn more about Halloween safety, check out our new guide with adorable illustrations and ghost bubbles by clicking on the image below!