To many Americans, nothing really replaces a real Christmas tree. It smells like the holidays, and it brings a sense of tradition and majesty into the home. However, as many households have discovered over the years, they can be a serious fire hazard—especially once they dry out! A large majority of Christmas tree fires happen in the 15 days after Christmas. Many fires are started by electrical malfunctions, often from frayed wires or string lights with loose connections.

Once a Christmas tree fire starts, it can instantly cause thousands of dollars in damage. The whole tree quickly catches fire, and the fire will spread to flammable items around it. This often includes couches, rugs, carpet, and presents! It is very dangerous and scary.

At Protect America, we want to raise awareness about this hazard in the community. Check out our infographic below for information on how to keep your family and property safe and jolly this holiday season!

Christmas Tree Fire Infographic

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