A very important part of maintaining your home security is actually keeping your house clean and tidy, inside and out. It might sound like such a chore, but it affects more factors than you might realize. How does keeping a clean and clutter-free house affect your home security? We have some answers for you below.

Keeping Up Appearances

Let’s be honest. What are the stereotypes associated with messy people? Lazy, irresponsible, laid back, apathetic. These stereotypes are unfair and largely untrue, but we still have to take into consideration how it may cause potential criminals to view us as targets. There are many aspects to this, in the perspective of a burglar. A cluttered entryway signals to potential burglars that this house is unoccupied. Ads that have been hanging on the door handle for days suggest that no one’s used the door. These burglars glean this information about your property even if they haven’t surveilled the location.

Some burglars have day jobs as maintenance workers (like plumbers or carpet cleaners). They survey every house they enter. If they see a messy house, they might assume that you might not put much effort into locking your doors if you don’t put much effort into the upkeep of the rest of your house.

Being orderly and organized can send a message that your house is not an easy target; you pay attention to detail, and you make the house’s wellbeing a priority frequently. This will lead burglars simply to look for another house, one that seems easier to break into and less secure.

Hidden Away

But say your home gets targeted anyways and broken into anyways. If your stuff is organized and put away, it will take longer for the intruder to find things of value. If everything is just laid out in open air, then it’s easier to just shove everything into their bag.


If you have everything regularly in its place, more or less, it’s easier to notice if something’s missing. Sometimes, when a burglar breaks into a home, they just take a few things they think no one will really notice and get on their way to another break in. And maybe they guess right. Sometimes, you wouldn’t know something is missing until you look for it.

But when know what your rooms typically look like and what belongs exactly where, it’s much easier to notice at a glance when something is different or missing.


So what do you think? Is this burglar deterrent enough motivation to keep your place clean? Follow us on social media—Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus—for more home security tips.