Today is Earth Day! It’s a good moment for everyone to take a moment to think about our impact on the world. It’s important for everyone to make a positive change, and these changes can start in your home! We are taking the time today to go over a few changes and considerations that you can make around your home.

Change A Few Lightbulbs

This is the easiest thing that you can do to make a difference! Modern LED bulbs use energy that is more efficient than old CFL bulbs many times over. LED bulbs themselves have evolved a lot over the past few years as well. They now come in many shapes, sizes, and looks. They can easily fit into whatever aesthetic your interior design sports. These bulbs will last years longer than CFLs, and use much less energy, saving you money and hassle!

Regularly Change Air Filters

Let your heating and cooling system do its job as efficiently as possible. Changing out your air filters not only keeps the air in your home clean and clear, but puts less of a strain on your heating and cooling systems.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can drastically reduce your energy consumption by figuring out exactly how long it takes to warm and cool your home. They can be programmed remotely for easy access; if you forgot to turn the heater down after you have already rushed out the door, you can simply make that same change from your phone or computer.

Most smart thermostats also have energy calculators built into them, so they can most effectively tell you what temperature settings would save you the most energy and money.

Repair Leaky Toilets and Faucets

Leaky toilets and faucets aren’t just annoying. They’re expensive. Those drips really add up over the 24 hour days. Get them repaired as soon as possible; your water bills are only going up the longer you wait.

Use Reusables

Our households throw away so much over the course of just a month. There are many reusable solutions out there that could drastically reduce our waste! Instead of plastic grocery bags, bring reusable cloth or reusable plastic bags to the store. Keep them in your car once you’ve unpacked them at home so you’ll never forget them once you pull into the store. Stop using paper towels and instead use reusable washcloths and hand towels.

Choose Native Plants

Exotic plants tend to require more water and extra care compared to plants native to your region. Try to choose plants that are native to your area so that the soil and natural water levels of the land will suit it in a way that will require less extra watering and care from you. This is true as well for your turf. Choose turf that is native to your region, since this is typically the most water-intensive part of your lawn.