Exterior lighting is significant on many fronts. It adds value to your home; it simply creates a better image of your house for evening guests; it decreases the chances of tripping and falling; it deters intruders and potential robbers. There are a variety of options for exterior lighting out, enough to surely fit into any style. While we are not landscaping and architectural design experts, we are security experts! So here are some tips for lighting the exterior of your property, no matter what your budget is.

Front and Back Doors

The first and foremost important thing to light when thinking about security is your exterior doors—usually a front and a back door. It is likely that you already have lights for these areas. Take the time to flip them on at night. This will discourage burglars from snooping around these entryways, which is important since front doors are the most common points of entry in burglaries.

Lights with Motion Detectors

If you don’t want to leave your light on for the entire night, there are lights with motion detectors that will turn on the light if they detect someone approaching. This saves energy and will also startle unsuspecting robbers. These lights would be useful for lighting garage entryways as well as pathways and walkways. This also serves you when you yourself are approaching your house. Your driveways will light up as you pull in, and your pathways will help you see the ground as you walk home. Falls are the leading cause of injuries at home; adequate lighting will help to prevent them.

Overall Lighting

If possible, it would be ideal to cover the premises with soft, overall lighting. This is better than harsh, bright lights because they not only look more natural and cast more pleasing shadows, they eliminate dark pockets for intruders to hide in.

Saving Money and Energy

Regardless of how many lights you decide to install, these are good tips to follow in order to lower your bills:

  • Use LED lights. They last longer, save electricity, and are easier to install. They have a higher price point, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Also, if your lights go out less frequently, that’s also less time you’ll spend in the dark.
  • Some lights can be hooked up to automatic timers that can be programmed to switch all exterior lights off at midnight except for the ones meant for security.
  • Remember to turn off your exterior lights in the morning. It’s hard to see that they’re on during broad daylight, so be sure to check your switches.


Interior lights can also be used as an exterior deterrent to burglars. Z-wave appliance modules can control lamps near windows, giving off the appearance that people are home, even when you might be away. A monitored security system is the most reliable deterrent against unwanted intruders. To learn more about securing your home, inside and out, call Protect America today at 1-888-951-5136.