False alarms are, unfortunately, a part of most home security system owners’ experiences. After a few false alarms, some homeowners start feel self-conscious about it. Maybe there’s an elderly family member who keeps setting it off on accident, or they’re afraid that neighbors might complain about the noise. In more serious cases, where police have been dispatched multiple times, there are considerations for fines and angry messages from the local department.

Sometimes, this leads people to turn off their systems, which defeats the purpose of having one. Repetetive false alarms are a problem, since it causes stress and it uses the time of police officers. Reducing them helps your household reach a balance of preparedness and peace of mind, keeping you safe with reliable alerts.

Tips for Reducing False Alarms

  • Maintain your systems around the house.
    • Make sure nothing is interfering or inadvertently tampering with its function.
    • Keep batteries on hand so that you’re ready to change them out when they run low.
  • Test your systems regularly.
    • We recommend that you perform a communications test with Protect America once a year.
    • Call us, and we can set it up over the phone in no time.
  • Educate your household.
    • Take the time to explain how the system works to everyone who lives in your home.
    • Walk them through using the system, arming and disarming it, employing the technology to enhance their safety. This will lead them to feel safer and more capable in actively protecting their home.
    • Try writing reminders near doors or systems for elderly members of the family or anyone else who might have trouble remembering to check the panel before opening the door. However, don’t write down things like passcodes or directions to locate the panel, since this information might aid an intruder.
  • If you are going on a long vacation or leaving the property for an extended amount of time, call Protect America, and give us contact details for who will be looking over the property.
    • If you give out your keys, make sure you give them your codes, too.
  • Keep your contact info up to date.
    • Protect America’s monitoring centers will always contact the numbers on your contact list first, attempting to verify your situation.
    • Only after calling the numbers on your contact list and being unable to reach you will we alert your local police. Keeping relevant and correct contacts on your call list gives us the best chance of reaching you before calling the police.
  • If you have pets that weigh over 40 pounds, do not use a motion detector. They will set it off while wandering around the house.
  • Only use the panic button if your physical safety is imminently threatened, and you are unable to call 9-1-1. Do not use it for any other reason. In any emergency, if you are able to dial 9-1-1, do that instead. The panic button should be reserved for a last resort safety net.
  • If you think your false alarms are malfunctions by the equipment, contact Protect America right away.
    • We will test your entire system to see if anything is not working properly.
    • If this malfunction resulted in a fine, you will need to send the false alarm invoice to Protect America after we identify the malfunction through our testing.
    • Protect America can not be held responsible for false alarm fines caused by user error.

Reducing false alarms enhances the reliability of your home security. By taking these easy preventative measures, you are taking the greatest advantage of your monitored home security system. Share this with your neighbors and friends to keep your neighborhood and community accountable.