Millions of people are victimized by stalking every year. Stalking involves a pattern of threatening and harassing behavior towards a victim. The perpetrators are often a familiar person in the victim’s lives—an ex-spouse or significant other, an abusive family member, a creepy friend or acquaintance—but in some rare cases, it can be a complete stranger. Stalking turns your everyday life into a nightmare, and often the once safe-haven of your home becomes a shelter of nervousness and anxiety.

We want to help you make your home safe at least from invasion; we know this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of problems the stalker has caused in your life, but we hope this can give at least a small sense of security.


Home Security

  • The first step is to check all of your entry points. Make sure all your windows and doors are closing and locking properly. An old, skewed window that doesn’t lock might be an easy entry point.
  • Check all windows and doors, make sure they close and lock properly. Installing deadbolts on all doors is a good idea so that locks can’t be picked or opened with copied keys.
  • Then, it would be idea to arm all of them with door and window sensors. As soon as they are opened, the alarm will sound and the monitoring station will be notified.
  • If you have fences or garages, especially ones that connect to your home, it is a good idea to lock them as well.
  • Emergency panic buttons are also very useful to keep by your bedside. It allows you to manually sound the alarm—preemptively in the case where you see someone lurking outside looking for a way in, or as a backup in case the automated alarm fails.
  • Motion detectors are a must for protection against potential intruders.
  • An option than many opt for is installing a security camera that is ready to record any break-ins, whether you are in the house or not. Protect America’s cameras record and then automatically upload the footage to the cloud, so the intruder doesn’t gain anything by destroying the camera or cutting the line.

General Practices

Here are some habits that are useful for getting the most out of your home security as well as some general reminders:

  • Always lock your doors and arm your system. Always, no matter how long you are going to be out or in. Our monitoring service is ready 24/7, but you have to let them respond to you. They can’t do anything if your system isn’t armed.
  • Confirm the identity of a visitor before unarming your system or unlocking your doors.
  • Don’t talk to them. You can’t reason with the unreasonable.
  • Be wary of unusual packages on your doorstep.
  • Document all threats and violations. Report them to the police every time they happen. To prove their guilt, you need to establish that this is a pattern of stalking and harassment. Every small event is a piece of a larger puzzle. Don’t wait until “the next time something big happens.” You want every piece to be in the police’s records.
  • Limit your social media use.


Protect America’s home security experts are experiences in helping victims of break-ins, burglaries, stalking, and a variety of other unsafe situations. As a victim of stalking, it’s not all the support you need, but it’s a little bit of support that you could use and that we can guarantee. We are confidential, understanding, and supportive. You deserve to feel safe, especially in your own home. Call Protect America at 1-888-951-5136 or chat online to reach a security expert today.