Energy costs have been growing and growing with no indication of slowing down or turning around. Home automation targeted at lowering energy costs has become a topic of interest for many home owners. “Smart Homes” feature technology that works to optimize your not only your resource consumption but also your time. Here are some ways that you can increase the energy efficiency of your home by being smart.

Smart You

There are actually many things that you can do without much technology or investment to make your home energy efficient. These practices create an earth-friendly, energy efficient, bill saving foundation that help support smart home technology.

  • Change your lightbulbs to be LED or compact fluorescent lights. These last much longer and save a lot of energy.
  • Choose to use appliances that are Energy Star rated. These appliances have been tested and proven by the Environmental Protection Agency to use smaller amounts of energy.
  • When you go on long vacation or spend extended periods of time away from the house, unplug your devices. Even if they are turned off, many devices (like computers, TVs, their peripherals, etc) will continue to use electricity.
  • You can also purchase a smart power strips that recognize when your devices are off. They then automatically shut off the power to that device, accomplishing the same goal without requiring you to remember and pull it out of the wall.

Smart Homes

Home automation technology can do a lot to save you money and resources. Most of them are smartphone compatible and allow you to control them from your mobile device or a web browser.

  • Smart Thermostats automatically adjust the temperature so that the A/C or heater doesn’t work as hard when you’re not home. They let you set a schedule or simply adjust it on your phone while you’re away. So you can set it to a comfortable temperature when you’re driving home, and it’ll be ready once you arrive.
  • Z-Wave appliance modules enable wireless control of any and all small appliances like lamps. It can be controlled on your smartphone through our free Protect America app, letting you check that your lights and appliances are off. If they’re not, you can control them from your mobile device so that you save energy while you’re out of the house. If you’re on vacation, you can turn them on in the evenings so it looks like someone’s home.

As mobile technology and wireless technology grows, we are sure to see more and more innovative gadgets that can help us around the house. Protect America currently offers automated door locks and Z-wave appliance modules—and they can all be controlled and viewed on our free mobile app. Learn more about home automation security by calling an expert today at 1-888-951-5136.