Smoke detectors have become a feature in every household because they are so effective in saving lives and protecting properties. They are so ubiquitous, yet few people know how they actually work. If you’ve ever been curious about how exactly they’re designed to detect fire and smoke, we want to share exactly how smoke detectors from Protect America work.


Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Protect America uses photoelectric smoke detectors that are equipped with integrated fixed temperature and rate of rise heat sensors. One thing at a time:

  • Photoelectric smoke detectors use light beams and sensors placed at a ninety degree angle. When the air is clear, the light beams past the other sensor that is located ninety degrees away from it. However, when smoke particles enter the air, the light will bounce off of the smoke particles, reflecting some of it onto the sensor. This sets off the alarm.
  • Heat detectors are featured in Protect America’s smoke detectors to account for the fact that not all fires are very smokey. In these cases, it is important to detect quick rises in temperature and then steady raised temperatures, both indicators of a building and burning fire. Our heat sensors will sound the alarm when the rate of rise in temperature exceeds 15 degrees fahrenheit per minute or when it detects a steady temperature of around 130-140 degrees fahrenheit or higher.

These smoke detectors cover all angles for detecting a potential fire in the home, saving both lives and property.


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Protect America’s smoke alarms don’t just sound an alarm; they also notify our monitoring station. The alarm might be enough to wake you up when you need to evacuate the house because of a fire, but standard fire alarms do not have the capability of contacting the fire department or any other authorities. Monitored fire alarm systems save pets that might be trapped inside, calling the fire department for you when you aren’t around. Protect America’s fire alarms work fast and reliably; we know that in a break-in, you lose some things, but in a fire, you lose everything. Contact Protect America if you have any questions or if you would like to set up your own monitored smoke detectors today.