Festivals are filled with fun, excitement, and great music. However, with so many people around, there are many safety concerns to address. Large crowds can often be targets for thieves, opportunists, and other criminals.

Here are some reminders for safety during music festivals:

  • Keep your valuables at home. This includes special jewelry, expensive electronic devices, and other things that are difficult to replace. Only bring what you need.
  • If you do bring valuables, don’t leave them in your car. If a thief glimpses it, they could be motivated to break into your car.
  • Split your money (cash and cards) into two and keep them in separate places. This way, even if someone does pick your pocket, you still have some money with you.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged throughout the day. Most large festivals will have charging stations onsite.
  • At night, stay on main roads. It’s easy to get lost on small, poorly lit streets. Do your exploring during the day.
  • Don’t leave any drink unattended (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Any drink can be spiked or contaminated.
  • Don’t take drinks from strangers.
  • Remember that alcohol and drugs can affect your ability to make safe decisions.
  • Keep a level head and stay patient. Getting upset at someone slowing you down or stepping on your toes won’t help you, them, or anyone else around you.
  • Try to stay with your small group of friends. It’s safer than wandering off alone.
  • Stay hydrated. Don’t overexert yourself. Take breaks and stay nourished.

Have tons of fun and stay safe!