The start of the new year has just passed. Have you come up with any new year’s resolutions yet? Well we would like to add to your list with some good resolutions to keep this year in regards to home and life safety!


Test Your System Every Month

A quick call to Protect America to put your account on test is all you need to set up a system test. It’s so important to test your system to make sure that it is working properly; it’s better to be safe than sorry! You never know what parts of your system may have been tampered with by guests, children, or professionals you’ve invited into your home.

For more information on testing your Protect America security system, read this.

Testing your smoke alarm is crucial to your safety as well. Fires start when you least expect it, so you need to be prepared at all times. For more information on testing your smoke detectors, read this.

Change Low Batteries Right Away

We all hate that annoying beep beep beep of a low battery alert. Check your supplies to make sure you have spare batteries ready so that you can change your batteries as soon as you get the notification. Too many households get into the bad habit of simply disconnecting the sensor or alarm until they “get new batteries later.” This sometimes ends up lasting multiple days or even weeks. Having an offline security system—or even just part of your security system—isn’t good news. Resolve to be ready to change those batteries right away!

Replace Old Appliances

Electrical fires are the most common causes of house fires in the winter. If any of your old appliances have frayed, worn, or exposed wires, that is a fire waiting to happen. Look out for any loose or bad connections as well. Old appliances are typically less energy efficient—and just less efficient in general—so it may be cost-effective to replace them with newer and better appliances anyways.

No Texting While Driving

This isn’t necessarily a home security measure, but it’s worth mentioning simply because of how many lives car accidents claim because of distracted driving. Just don’t do it.


Update Your Emergency Contacts

Do you have a list of emergency contacts listed out on your fridge for your kids? Check with all of those contacts to ensure that their numbers and addresses are correct. Don’t forget to check the emergency contacts list you have with us, too!

Good luck in the new year!