So you’ve gotten your professionally monitored home security system, equipped with alarms and sensors and security cameras. Placing your panel and sensors is relatively straightforward, but what about those security cameras? It’s expensive and challenging to cover every inch of your home with cameras, so where are the most effective places for your security camera to watch over?

To determine the best location for your security camera(s), we first need to think about their purpose. If it’s to catch burglars in the act, it’s important to have them face common entrances that burglars use to break into the home. If it’s for monitoring a young child or an aging adult, it’s useful to have them in areas of the home that they frequent.

Back Door

This is the most common entry point for burglars because it’s commonly more inconspicuous than a front door, which usually faces a street. An open garage is enticing for burglars, so those that take that opportunity will definitely be coming in through a back door. If you don’t have a garage attached to the house, consider putting a camera that can monitor a side door (maybe one that leads to a yard or garden).

Front Door

The front door is still a common entry point for burglars, especially less experienced ones. This is also a useful area to monitor when your school-aged children come home.

First Floor Windows

Another common entry point for burglars, make sure to place security cameras around rooms with large first floor windows that could be broken into from the outside, especially if they are around the side of the house or behind some bushes that would obscure a robber.


If you don’t manage to catch a burglar as they’re coming into the house, monitoring the bedroom will probably still give you a good chance of catching the burglar on camera, since the master bedroom is usually the first place they will ransack.


If you are hoping to check in with your child and the babysitter while you are away, putting a camera in the playroom or any other area they spend a lot of time in will be the best option for you.


Every home is unique. Having good camera placement can be as important as having a camera in the first place. Put a lot of thought into putting your camera in a discrete but useful location with a good angle and view of the area you are intending to monitor.