Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with love, inviting romantic gestures and atmospheres. Many of the images that come to mind when we think “romantic” involves candles. While beautiful, they can be fire hazards if used and placed carelessly!

Keep your home, family, and pets safe this year with safe practices and the right smoke and fire protection.

Candle Safety Tips

  • Make sure your candles are in sturdy holders made of glass, ceramic, or metal.
  • Don’t place candles too close to anything made of paper or cloth. Try to keep a 12 inch flammable-free zone around your candles.
  • Keep candles away from windows with drapes or shades as well as shower curtain.
  • Never leave candles burning in a room unattended. Blow them out before you move to a different room.
  • Place candles in a position where they cannot be easily knocked over.
  • Avoid using candles at all in the bedroom.
  • Blow out all candles before going to sleep.
  • If you have children or pets, make sure candles are kept out of their reach.
  • Consider using electric and flameless candles and fragrance warmers instead of candles with flames.

The Right Protection

Every home is legally required to have functioning smoke detectors, so you’re probably familiar with the sight of them. But did you know there is a huge difference between the shabby ones you buy at the hardware store (or the ones installed for you by the budget-strapped home builders, building leasers, or apartment owners) and a professionally monitored, interactive, smart smoke detector. So it goes without saying that if you have an old or broken smoke detector that it’s a great time for a smoke detector replacement. Smoke detectors like the ones we provide at Protect America stand out from those “regular” smoke alarms in almost every way.

Regular Smoke Alarms

  • Ring the alarm when it detects smoke in the air.
  • That’s literally it.

Protect America’s Smoke Alarms

  • Ring the alarm when it detects smoke in the air.
  • Ring the alarm when it detects a sharp increase in temperature.
  • Sends a distress signal to a 24/7 professional monitoring station, who can contact you, your family, and the authorities.
  • Sends a notification to your phone via text, through the mobile app, and through your email so you know what’s happening whether you’re home or away.

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