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The home security industry hasn’t been well known for innovation. For years, the industry stagnated while other technologies soared to new heights. Well, all that’s about to change. Recent advances in networking technologies and home automation have allowed for home security to become much more. Here are a few technologies and features that will be entering homes very soon. Hopefully, they’ll also make your life easier, safer, and more secure.

The Smart Home Finally Realized

The future is here… or at least coming soon. An explosion in consumer interest, along with new tech, has finally made home automation a realistic proposition for many people. Incredibly wealthy individuals, Bill Gates is a famous example, have had home automation features for years. Gates’ home in Washington includes personalized temperature control that changes when people enter or leave rooms. New home automation available for the mass market will include thermostats you can control with your smartphone, enhanced lighting control that control energy usage and brightness, and managing personal media preferences.

Watch and Control Your Home from Anywhere

Many home security customers already have interactive features available to them. It will largely depend on the service provider or customer needs but most home security systems (well, the ones worth the money) come with some form of interactive control, like arming/disarming your system from an Internet-enabled computer or smartphone. The next phase of interactive control for home security will probably be a lot of fun.

With the proliferation of home automation tech, standard interactive control will expand beyond the basics to include climate and energy control, automatic locks, and more. Many of these technologies will be expensive for the next few years but costs should come down dramatically as production scales to mass market levels.

New Home Security Technologies

We’ve highlighted a few emerging home security technologies in the past. A few are very noteworthy and really cool, like the Smoke Cloak. Others are kinda gimmicky and don’t seem to function very well. Most commercially available home security robots come to mind. Soon, a few new devices will enter home security that will have a few people buzzing.

The best example of this would be technology that tracks your energy usage, food consumption, and even your medical state. While a single, comprehensive program that tracks this information will still be a few years away. But when this technology does come to your home, the simple things in life will be easier to maintain.

Protect America Home Automation

Interested customers can get home automation features from their Protect America wireless home security system. Simply order a broadband internet or cellular monitoring agreement and Protect America will send a wireless home alarm system to your home for no cost! With Protect America, you have a choice of home automation features that include interactive video, remote arming/disarming, and real-time notifications.