Protect America offers home security for residential homes, condos, apartments, and small businesses. Protect America has secured almost 400,000 residential homes and businesses since 1992!

A leader in the home security industry, Protect America offers affordable quality alarm security. With many home security providers in the industry, PA is one of the top providers; not only in volume, but in providing quality service.

Residential Home Security

Residential home security systems can be found at many hardware stores and places online. The benefit for choosing us as your home security provider is that we offer customer support, monitoring, and lifetime warranty of all your products. These are a few things that you don’t get by purchasing your system from a neighborhood store or an online store.

Competitors such as ADT have a $99 installation fee, where as Protect America offers a free self install system. Easy set up, and avoid paying extra fees for the same security system! Our experienced technicians will walk you over the phone on how to install the system, and set it up. Tests are then run to make sure everything is working properly and in place.

Residential home security is a choice by many, but a necessity for some. Having a protected home with an alarm system can make all the difference. A security alarm is meant to warn off the burglar. The point is to keep the burglar on the outside, rather than giving them time to come in and think it’s safe. Protect America residential home security systems come with a built in siren that is fairly loud. In some cases, customers like to actually install a secondary siren so that the actual siren will be ear piercing.

By having an alarm system not only are you protecting your valuables, but also creating a source for you to make your family feel safe and know they are in good hands.

A residential system that not only warns off burglars, but also has the capability on saving someones life? Now that’s amazing residential home security. Protect what matters most; your family and your valuables.

Contact us today to see what type of security we recommend for your home and what the benefits of going with Protect America are. Protect America has been in business since 1992 and continues to provide support for customers and insight on the security industry. Make sure to visit our blog, and the news site for featured news, events, and statistics in home security.