Residential security systems are electronic devices that detect unauthorized entry into homes. There are a range of options when selecting a residential security system but customers should be careful to choose a model that fits their budget while delivering reliable protection. Before signing a monitoring agreement, it’s best to speak with a security expert so as to determine which home security system is right for you.

Wireless Residential Security Systems

One of the most affordable home security options available is a wireless residential alarm system. Unlike more expensive, hardwired models, a wireless residential security system saves time and money because customers install the unit themselves. Having a technician come to your home to install an alarm system can cost several hundreds of dollars and will require holes be drilled into your walls. A wireless residential security system provides reliable home security while skipping the hassle and expense.

In addition to standard home security, customers that choose a wireless residential alarm system can more easily add useful security accessories, like smoke detectors, interactive video cameras, and glass break detectors. The Simon XT wireless residential security system offered by Protect America can monitor up to 40 sensors and accessories across an area as large as 10,000 square feet.

Residential Security Systems Reviews

On the Internet and various third-party review sites, residential security systems are not as reviewed as often as the companies that provide them. Protect America, for example, has been named the number one home security company in the nation by for the past five years. The company’s website also features hundreds of testimonials submitted by satisfied customers.

On occasion, a few authorities will review the Simon XT residential security system. By any measure, the Simon XT is a superior alarm system. Reviewers often cite the system’s ease of use and general reliability. Many experts also note the accessibility of the Simon XT due to its affordable price.

Free Residential Security Systems

Interested customers can get a free residential security system from Protect America. Simply order one of Protect America’s award-winning monitoring solutions and the company will send you a FREE Simon XT wireless alarm system. Each security package offered by Protect America includes up to 15 door/window sensors, a motion detector, and a yard sign.