Retail Store Security System: What Are Your Options?

Many out of the box retail security systems focus only on anti-theft. Complete systems also include Amber alert mechanisms. Systems focused on shoplifting don’t cost much, but have limited abilities. Unlike purchasing a home security system, to obtain a truly comprehensive system, you’ll either need to cobble together a few different systems or shop around for a while to find one tailored to full needs.

Retail Security Needs

A lot can happen in a store. You need a system that:

  • protects against theft by shoplifting and employee shrink,
  • monitors entries and exits,
  • locks down the store when a person goes missing.

In detail, that means the merchandise needs reusable hard tags that cause an alarm to sound if removed from the store. It also requires cameras and monitors in storage and stock areas, as well as in the shopping areas, especially outside fitting rooms. They also include the reader panels and detachers for cashiers to use when ringing up merchandise.

For employee and shopper safety, a retail outlet needs monitored cameras trained on entries and exits. Ideally, these record activity, as well. If an abduction occurs at the store, these provide police with photos of every person entering or exiting the store.


The system should have an automatic lock down mechanism. This lets you lock all doors and drop the steel reinforced gates over them at the push of a button. In older stores, you may have to keep a manual lock down system unless you want to undergo a renovation.

To obtain a truly comprehensive system, you’ll either need to cobble together a few different systems or shop around for a while to find one tailored to full needs.

Retail Systems in Reality

What you actually get depends on the system. For instance, you’ll get an active deterrent from Time Access Inc. that provides reusable hard and specialty tags, detachers, deactivators and reader panels. It focuses on helping reduce shoplifting a crime occurring in the US and Canada combined about 50,000 times per day that costs about $10 billion per year.

You’ll also find systems focused on video surveillance. Most record activity. An example of this system type, Big Security, provides only a video camera system. You’ll get to design your own system within a package. They start with one to four cameras and go up to 16 to 32 camera systems. It doesn’t include monitoring which is left up to the store security or manager.

How Protect America Helps

Protect America, a monitored business and home security company, offers zero installation fees, locked-in rates and a price-match guarantee. Although it does provide equipment, the company also monitors devices by other manufacturers. Consumers can get started for only $30 per month with a 36-month contract. That provides 24-hour, 7 days a week, professionally monitored home security. Consumers Digest named Protect America a Best Buy nine times for its equipment and service.


Established in 1992, Protect America offers nationwide service. It’s the 14th largest residential home security company in the US. Protect America makes a continuing firm commitment to protecting homes and families through monitored home security. It provides a direct-to-consumer service, sending individuals, businesses and families their home security systems and guiding them through the do-it-yourself installation procedure. The consumer receives up to $1,400 in free equipment. The company offers a Price Match Guarantee. If the consumer can find a better deal, Protect America matches it.

Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America by phone or online. Protect America can help monitor standalone devices already installed, too. Monitoring provides an important aspect since it ensures someone always looks at the feed. If someone does approach the home, even with a jamming device, they’re seen and reported. That keeps you and your family safer.