What’s better than a nightlight? Ring’s Floodlight Cam goes above and beyond in terms of home security tech, protecting families even after the sun goes down. Thinking about a flood light setup to better secure the outside of your home? Here’s why you should consider Ring’s:

Design and Features

The actual camera part of Ring’s Floodlight Cam sits between two incredibly bright lights and features a 1080p display. The camera records crisp, clear images even in the darkest times of night and allows for storage of these recordings, with a paid subscription. Users of the Ring Floodlight Cam can determine “zones” within the camera’s view in which any motion detected will send a notification; this ensures that every time your neighbor pulls into their driveway, you won’t get alerted if you’ve established this as a no-notification zone. So, the Ring sets users up for fewer false alerts and a better response to alerts that the user knows are legitimate.

An interesting feature Ring offers is the ability for other nearby Ring users to share their videos with the community, creating a neighborhood watch group of sorts.

Ring Floodlight Cam footage can be made available to the public and viewed without having to own a camera, all through Ring’s app.

Sound the Alarm

The Ring Floodlight Cam sends information to the app via WiFi, but the floodlight itself has to be hardwired into your home’s system. If the Ring Floodlight Cam detects motion, the lights immediately turn on and a 110 decibel alarm sounds. In addition, two-way talk is supported, allowing users to verbally warn any possible intruder or trespasser.

Points to Consider

The Ring Floodlight Cam must be wired into your home, and tutorials are available to outline this process. However, if this is too intimidating for you, contacting an electrician or someone with experience in installing similar fixtures may be another option.

The video storage feature is included in Ring’s subscription, which comes out to $30 a year or less than $3 per month. Compared to other services, this is a very reasonable price point, especially as it provides users peace of mind and better security.

The Ring Floodlight Cam is definitely one of the best products of its kind, and it proves to be effective and affordable. The community watch aspect of the Ring app is interesting as well, so Ring does more than just protect one home; it can inform the greater community of any alerts as well.