Safe security alarm systems are secure, priced for affordability and built so that anyone in your family can control them.

With Protect America’s Simon XT, you can bet all three of those things came into play when designing this great home security system.

About the Simon XT Alarm System

The Simon XT features everything you need in a home alarm system. Along with an LCD display screen that features, troubles, actions, and important messages, it also keeps a stored memory events.

The system can connect to landline, broadband, or even cellular monitoring. The type of monitoring you get depends on which ever fits your life best.

The Simon XT also holds up to 40 sensors. This means that you can have up to 40 different security sensors programmed in your panel. Whether you need smoke detectors, sensors on every single door or window, you can add everything you need into your home.

With features like all the sensors you need is great, there are also accessories you can program into your panel like key-chain remotes, or talking touch-pad remotes you can add to your alarm panel to control your system from anywhere in the home. Even if your panel is downstairs or across the house, you can even arm your system when coming home with groceries directly from your key-chain, while outside!

Program up to 6 different codes in your alarm panel and give them to different people who might be using it. Your alarm system keeps track of events like who arm and disarmed the system at a certain time. While you keep the master code, these codes will still disarm the system as well. This option is great if you have people who visit the home such as maintenance workers or care givers.

While the Simon XT provides some many great features, it’s important to know that your truly have to have the system to experience it for what it is.

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