Protect America has written a number of previous buying guides and are still producing many home security buying guides for 2019, but with this particular buying guide, we are advising consumers to be aware of possible charges and service contracts that may seem unclear. SAFE Security Systems is a company that provides security systems, installation and monitoring. There are a number of claims of deception/abuse, non-response to alerts/intrusions and other issues created by the company reported by customers online. This guide serves to report on what the company has available and what other information is revealed about them online. If you need help selecting a security system, you can speak with a Protect America expert to discuss your situation. Continue reading to learn more about security systems from SAFE in this 2019 buying guide.


Products from SAFE Security

SAFE Security systems can include a variety of equipment sold by the company to custom design a system for each customer. For example, they sell keypads, key fabs, smoke detectors, alarms, door and window sensors, motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and panic buttons. They then select which products you will need installed and create a service package and other terms. There doesn’t seem to be issues surrounding the actual products or quality of products they use, according to online reviews that have been researched, but other claims persist regarding customer service, response time (including unresponsiveness during intrusions) and other billing abuses alleged by customers in reviews and consumer reports.

Services from SAFE Security

The services part of the company is what seems to be drawing the most complaints. These complaints involve issues with billing, response from the monitoring service and poor customer service, including very long hold times. The services that SAFE Security offers includes the monitoring of the devices they install at your home such as the fire alarms, burglar alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These are common services to be monitored, but according to some customers the company swallowed up previous contracts in buyouts of smaller competitors then changed the way those accounts were priced and handled. Many customers were tied into a several years long contract they had not wanted, according to these complaints online. Consumers should always read online reviews and get as much detailed information as possible about how security companies operate and do business.

What Reviews Say

There are a number of complaints and Consumer Affairs has the company marked at one star service, which is the lowest rating the indicator offers in the scale of stars that go up to five. Consumer Affairs also notes that the company is not accredited. Many of the complaints sound similar throughout. There seems to be a pattern of some kind. Read the following:

I signed a contract with this company a couple of years ago. It’s been a nightmare. Alarm sounds and they don’t call us, or call a wrong number. Break ins and they fail to call us or the police. If we call them for service, end up on hold for at least a half hour before talking to anyone. System breaks down, and no service. A total disappointment. – Ramon of Guaynabo, Aug. 7, 2018


We are still paying with auto deductions through bank for a security system that we do not have. May 2015 we agreed to the install and I was under the impression from the agent who talked us into the system that we could cancel at any time if we did not like it. WRONG! The contract was for 60 months! We sold our house where it was installed November 2016 and according to my wife who handles the payment the company rep told her it is a 5 year contract. So unless the new owners of the house took over the contract at our old house that has the equipment installed in we are paying for a system that we do not have. How can this be so? Why were we not advised instead of paying for an alarm we no longer had that the system could be transferred to our present house seeing that we have to pay for the 5 years? – Keith of Lewiston, ID, Apr. 20, 2018

As you can see, these are recent complaints. Always check reviews or call an expert from Protect America to find help making a decision about home security installations. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.