Are you planning a trip to travel abroad? If so, congratulations! Try these safety tips for a memorable and safe international trip.

Safety Tips While Traveling Alone

Being aware at all times will help you stay safe while traveling. Even when you travel to city or country with a reasonably low crime rate, looking unaware may attract attention from criminals and con artists. Just like you naturally do at home, act like you know where you are going and be aware of your surroundings.

Do Your Research Before You Go

The U.S. Department of State maintains a resource guide for Americans traveling abroad. The guide contains a checklist of things to do before you go. In addition, be sure to read any travel advisory warnings specific to the nations or regions you plan to visit.

Also be sure to pick up a travel book or do some internet-based research to learn about local customs, laws, geography, and memorable sites to see. Public libraries often have travel guides you can borrow free-of-cost. This information may help you avoid unnecessary dangers and may also help you plan a memorable trip.


Find a Way to Conceal Purses, Phones, and Valuables

All over the world, pickpockets and muggers look for people who look like they don’t know where they are going and who carry purses or valuables our in the open. Consider wearing travel clothes that have hidden pockets or hidden money belts to make it hard for pickpockets. Be aware of your phone, purse, or bags at all times especially in crowded places like busy streets, trains, events, or tourist attractions.

Familiarize Yourself With the Local Currency

Have you ever noticed a tourist standing in public counting their money? Chances are, they didn’t take the time to learn the local currency before their trip. Thanks to the internet, you may be able to find information about local currencies and possibly even pictures so you know what each coin and paper note looks like. Try to avoid inspecting or counting money in public spaces as you never know who might be watching.

Safety Tips to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Don’t compromise your home security just because you are away. Afterall, few things will ruin that amazing trip more than returning home to a discover you are a victim of a home burglary! Try these tips to protect your home.

  • Share your travel plans on a need to know basis. Who doesn’t need to know? Strangers on Facebook and social media. If you plan to post about your trip, adjust your privacy settings to exclude friends of friends, the public, and any acquaintances you don’t fully trust.

  • Inform your neighbors you will be away. Consider giving them a contact method whether it be a free Google Voice number or an email address. That way they know to alert authorities if they see anything unusual and they can also alert you if they made a report.

  • If you have pets or plants, consider a drop-in or live in sitter. Signs of activity may discourage potential thieves who may be casing your place.

  • Consider putting your lights on a timer to make it appear that someone is home. Most burglars are on to this trick, so don’t depend on it alone. However, it may deter some.

  • Check on your home security system before you go, and if necessary upgrade. A good system may discourage thieves and alert police if a break in occurs. Also, many security camera systems enable you to check your home via a phone app. The added bonus is you may even catch a peek at any beloved pets!

Houzz offers additional tips to keep your home safe while you travel. One bonus tip includes:

If you don’t have a house sitter (or especially conscientious neighbors), ask someone you know to at least drive by every now and again to make sure everything is OK. Give this friend a key so he or she can toss any packages or flyers from your porch inside the door.


If Necessary, Upgrade Home Security Before You Leave

The home security experts at Protect America can help you find the perfect home security system for your needs. Call for a free quote today!