What is the price of a home security system? We get this question all of the time. Did you know that you can protect your entire home from theft, fire and more for as little as $19.99 a month? It’s true. Usually home security systems are seen as a luxury – a purchase that should only be made, and can only be afforded, by the wealthy. But as this blog will show, even in areas like the West Coast where income disparity has never been greater, the price of a home security system can easily be within your reach.

The California Income Problem

Income inequality – the money difference between what defines “rich” and “poor” – is growing all over the country. According to new census data reported on by the Huffington Post, the rise in income inequality in the past 20 years has been sharpest among people between the prime earning ages of 35 and 54 – a whopping 21% increase from what it was 20 years ago. The big recession of 2007-2008 caused many middle-aged workers to lose their jobs and see the value of their homes plummet – a double hit to wealth that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Perhaps no state was hit harder by this catastrophe than California. As the Los Angeles Times points out in a recent article, income inequality in cities like San Diego have skyrocketed. Crunching numbers over 22 years, real estate website Trulia found that people in the 90th percentile of income in 2012 earned 11.7 times as much as a household in the 10th percentile. That’s a huge difference from 7.5 times as much in 1990. Wages aren’t rising fast enough to match the always-hot California real estate market – and the middle class is suffering because of it.

With families feeling the pinch on their wallets, sacrifices need to be made. But as we’ll show, that doesn’t mean that you have to put your home in danger by not getting a home security system.

The Low Price of a Home Security System

At Protect America, we offer low price options that competitors can’t match to the suffering families in San Diego. The price of a home security system has never been lower – allowing families of all incomes to enjoy comfort and safety in their own homes. We offer customized packages to protect your entire property starting at just $19.99/month. Even better, when it comes to activation and installation fees – we don’t have them! You pay for your first month plus shipping, and you are good to go because Protect America offers the cost-saving benefits of self-installation.

From door and window sensors, to glass break sensors, motion sensors, video security cameras and more, Protect America wants to work with you to create a custom home security package that covers your entire property for a fraction of the price of the other guys.

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cover photo courtesy of Google Creative Commons