For property owners who need an affordable, flexible home security system, Scout Security is the new company to watch in 2019. The new kid on the block in home security allows customers to choose from among a number high-performance security appliances. Its security devices have the following key characteristics:

  • Wireless
  • Easy to Set Up
  • intuitive to Operate
  • Simple to Transport For Out-of-Town Moves

Scout believes in the importance of professional monitoring, and it offers its customers several monitoring plans to suit their needs and budgets. Some of its plans require annual contracts, but Scout has monthly monitoring programs for customers who need added flexibility. Here are five security equipment options that are available for Scout customers now and in the future.

Scout Hub

The Scout Hub is command central for Scout’s wireless security appliances. Users can program responses that they want the Scout security system to take when a window or door sensor is triggered. The hub uses Z-Wave technology to connect numerous security appliances together, and its battery backup system ensures that customers’ homes are protected even when the internet and power lines are down.


The Scout Hub identifies triggered sensors and sends push notifications to users’ smartphone.  Controlling home security and automation functions from computing devices is a growing trend according to electronics industry expert Jack Huang.  Here is what he said in a recent article about home automation.

“Previously, homeowners control their home appliances with the remote and keypad. Now, they can control via a touchscreen display, iPhone, iPad, smart watch, or PC.”

Access Sensors

Scout’s portable access sensors are easy to install on doors, windows, or interior cabinets. Have a home safe that needs extra guardianship? One can mount an access sensor on the cabinet that houses the safe; the sensor lets the homeowner know if anyone has attempted to access the safe. Since each sensor is tracked by the Scout Hub, a user can find out exactly which sensor was tripped and at what time. Customers can purchase as many of Scout’s access sensors as they need. According to the company’s advertised plans, the number of access sensors don’t impact the prices of its  monitoring plans.


Door Panels

With Scout’s door panels, one can protect entries with motion detection and a high-pitch alarm that signals unauthorized access. This is a next-generation door panel that doesn’t require passcodes or keypads. Simple key fobs that employ RFID technology allow users to arm and disarm the security system without a traditional key or phone.

Motion Sensor

Scout’s motion sensors use infrared technology to detect movement in areas that aren’t covered by access sensors and door panels. The motion sensors can detect movement of up to 25 feet from the unit, which has a 90-degree viewing angle. The motion sensors are battery operated and can be mounted nearly anywhere without special tools.

Indoor Camera

A customer can view what’s going on in their home at any time with Scout’s indoor camera. This camera delivers clear live-stream and recorded video during the day and evening hours. While customers can purchase as many cameras as they want for their system, video storage for multiple cameras impact monitoring plan prices. Scout’s base plan allows users to pay $2.99 per month, per camera for high-capacity cloud storage. Cloud storage is free for the first camera in the company’s upgraded monitoring plan, but users pay $2.99 per month, per camera for additional cameras.


Can Scout Security Systems and Monitoring Service Rival Protect America?

Scout seeks to appeal to many types of customers. Homeowners who know exactly what equipment that they need can just purchase individual devices as they need them. First-time security system buyers can choose from among four pre-configured kits. At Scout, professional monitoring services start at $9.99 per month, and the upgraded plan is $19.99 per month. By moving to an annual contract, customers save 10 percent on each security plan.

Protect America’s monitoring plan is $19.99 per month, and it comes with cloud video storage for its security cameras. Instead of paying an upfront equipment cost between $299 and $799, Protect America customers get $1400 worth of free equipment as part of their 36-month contracted plans. For more security for the price, visit Protect America or give them a call to set up a service plan today.