There is almost nothing more personal than having one’s home, and one’s privacy, invaded by an unwelcome outsider. Apartment residences differ from single family residences in that multiple residences are housed in common buildings, with residents sharing courtyards, public spaces, and parking lots. Do you live in a ground floor apartment? The threat of burglary is even higher for those who live in ground floor apartments. Ground floor apartments are more susceptible to burglary because of the vulnerable windows and patio doors that are easily accessible from the outside.

Doors and Locks

The first step to securing your ground floor apartment is to “harden the target” or make your apartment more difficult to enter. Remember the burglar will simply bypass your apartment if it requires too much effort or requires more skill and tools than they possess. According to researchers, 30% of all apartment break-ins are a result of leaving unlocked doors and windows. Be sure to lock and bolt all doors and windows especially during the day-time when you’re at work and the dwelling is unattended.

Use a security bar or pin device on all sliding glass doors, especially the ones that form the entry way to the patio. Being in a ground floor apartment, the back door is one of the most obvious entry points for burglars to attack other than windows. In warm climates, an experienced burglar knows that sliding glass doors are often left standing open for ventilation or for pet access. Since they slide horizontally, it is important to have a secondary blocking device in place to prevent sliding the door fully open from the outside.

Additional door locks are available at Protect America. However, be sure to notify your apartment manager just in case this type of installation is prohibited.


Did you know that you can have an alarm system for your apartment? While most apartments approve you have to an alarm system, it’s always good to check with your leasing manager to see if they approve you to have one. Often times your leasing manager or apartment manager just wants to know if you have one or not so they can put it on your account. Burglars know apartments are less likely to have an alarm system, all the more reason for you to have actually have one. 

With Protect America, we offer a few different options for protecting your apartment. Our security packages include anywhere from 3 to 10 sensors for your dwelling. So if your apartment only has 1 door and 3 windows, or even if you have 3 doors and 7 windows, we have you covered! You can also add different sensors according to what your apartment needs will be. For example, glass break sensors are a great way to deter and stop criminal intent.


Interior lighting is necessary to show signs of occupancy inside a residence at night. Seeing a dark apartment night-after-night sends a message to burglars that you are away. Light-timers are inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere. They should be used on a daily basis, not just when you’re away. Protect America has some affordable lighting-timers in our home automation section.


At Protect America we understand that you may move being that you are just renting an apartment. We offer complimentary relocation kits to all of our customers when you sign up for Protect Americas services. If you move after you get our system and you’re still our customer, we can provide you with the alarm relocation kit to get you secured in your home or apartment.

Consider Protect America’s Copper package, for those of you who need security on a budget. We offer a different package for every price point, with multiple monitoring options. The Copper package gives you everything you need to start securing your home with stickers and sensors. You should place your stickers on windows visible to the outside in order to deter burglars from considering your ground floor apartment as a potential target. And remember to always lock your doors and windows for maximum safety!