Security alarms are devices that protect areas, objects, and people by emitting a sound or sending a message to a third party. There are a wide variety of applications for security alarms and methods have been developed for houses, cars, and even mobile phones. Home security alarms are the most common device with more than 36 million active home alarm systems in the United States.

Types of Home Security Alarms

While the most common type of home security system is hardwired, wireless alarm systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. A cheaper alternative to wired setups, a wireless security alarm avoids activation and installation costs. When a customer orders a security monitoring solution from Protect America, they’ll receive a FREE wireless home security system. Just pay the monthly monitoring fee and the equipment is completely free! Other companies charge several hundreds of dollars for their security equipment. Protect America just wants to know that you and your family are safe.

Security Alarm Companies

Protect America is the nation’s leading wireless security alarm companies. In operation since 1992, Protect America pioneered the self-install security alarm model that put home security within the reach of the average American family. Each security package from Protect America comes with a Simon XT control panel, a motion detector, and up to 15 door/window sensors. No other company in the industry can match the deal offered by Protect America.

Security Alarm Reviews

Protect America is one of the most respected and reputable home security companies in the country. For the past five years, Protect America has received the highest rating for a security alarm company from Our Copper Security package also earned high praise, receiving the ‘Best Buy’ designation from Consumers Digest. Protect America’s testimonial page also contains thousands of reviews from pleased customers.

In general, security alarm companies don’t fair very well on third-party review sites. More often than not, the biggest issue for customers has to do with the contract they sign when ordering their security systems. Most home security companies require a 3-year contract for monitoring service regardless of employment, location, or ability to pay. Some companies are more willing to work with customers (HINT: Protect America) than others but it’s important to understand the specifics of any contract before signing.