Having a motion sensor security light is becoming more and more of a common approach to home security. Statistics show that well-lit communities have lower crime rates than neighborhoods with poor lighting. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries occur during the daytime, while occupants are typically at work or otherwise engaged. Nonetheless, an FBI report indicates that almost 30 percent of residential burglaries took place at night. You can place flood lights, garden lights, your front entrance light, and other outdoor lighting on motion sensors. LED sensors are not expensive and can be easily used anywhere inside or outside of the home. Here are some reasons why motion sensing lights are beneficial to the security of your home and family.


Lights Act as a Deterrent

Home security is like an onion – layered technologies make it harder to reach the center. Motion light bulbs are a great deterrent against burglars. It will be much harder for criminals to break into homes and remain unnoticed in a house that’s properly lit. Burglars sneaking around at night will be less likely to approach a home if there are motion sensing lights on the exterior. Bushes near the home are generally good hiding spots for burglars to watch homes before breaking into them. With the added security of a motion sensing light, any outside movement will trigger a reaction causing the lights to come on immediately. When the exterior of your home is well lit, would-be burglars have no place to lurk or hide. Motion sensing lights are an effective way to increase your home security. Additionally, if your exterior lights suddenly go on, it’ll give you the chance to investigate or call the police.  

You’ll Feel Safer When You’re Away

If you are away from your home it will be protected by the lights that come on all over your yard and anywhere they are pointed. You’ll end up feeling safer knowing everyone can be seen. It is proven fact that homes with motion sensors have less crime than those that do not. Outdoor motion sensor security lights help your neighbors watch your house. Before installing a set of lights, notify your neighbors about the change. In doing so, you make an external party aware of the fact that the system is intended to detect possible threats. If you go on vacation and someone is trespassing into your yard, neighbors will take this into account and see if the light goes on outside. If necessary, neighbors can go check out your house or let you know something suspicious was going on outside.

Lights Raise Awareness

Installing motion-sensing lights provides homeowners peace of mind by alerting them to any potential threat or suspicious activity by, quite literally, shedding light on the situation. Not only will these lights raise your own awareness of sketchy situations, but they’ll help your neighbors or community watch programs know when someone is lurking around in the night. Additionally, they raise awareness of your surroundings when you’re coming home late at nighty. Lighting up the path to your front door reduces the chances you will trip on a bush or other obstruction. The brief illumination also helps you find your keys, unlock the door and get inside the home faster.


In no way are we suggesting you replace or use motion sensing LED lights instead of a monitored home security system. They will not stop a burglar alone. However, they will scare burglars away most of the time. Consider purchasing an appliance module from Protect America. This module will control the lights within your home for added protection in addition to your home security system. This module can be controlled by your smart phone from anywhere. You can also use a motion sensing light for the interior of your home so that they will come on when you walk into your home. Yard signs and lights will do wonders to deter criminal activity. Check out Protect America’s line of home automation and security options today. Whatever your security needs are, we can can help you!