If you want to keep your items secure in a physical location, there are a variety of items that can help you do just that. There are all sorts of physical items that you can buy to protect your goods. You can get these items for a variety of different retail store locations as well as online retailers. They often go by the term lock box, fire box, fire safe, safe, lock safe or security box. Security boxes help you store your valuable items in a secure location that someone can not easily break into. This includes burglars or other kinds of intruders.


Many people who steal items of significant value may already know the location. Some of the lock boxes available can only be opened with a secure password or lock combination and cannot be easily cut or drilled into. They are like having a personal bank vault. Some can even resist fire. That does not make them full proof, but they are still the best kind of physical locked boxes that you can get to protect your stuff from being stolen or compromised. Many people use and buy these kinds of equipment to keep their stuff safe. Do you need help in selecting the right kind of lock box? Consult with Protect America.

Security is always excessive until it’s not enough. – Robbie Sinclair

Kinds of Lock Boxes

As previously mentioned in this article, there are many types of lock boxes or security boxes available in the market. You can get a lot of reinforced steel options that are hard for any crook to crack. Also, you can get a variety of sizes and shapes of safes to use and some are even able to be hidden discreetly in your home. You will need to determine how much stuff and how big that stuff is that you will be putting into your locked box at home. You might not even want to store the box at home. You might store it at your office or another location. Whatever the case is, you want to make sure you store the box in a location that you are confident is the most safe and discrete so no one can nab the whole safe. Sometimes criminals do this then try to attempt to break it open somehow.

Lockbox vs. Safety Deposits

Are you having trouble deciding between a physical lockbox or a safety deposit? What is a safety deposit box? This is a service that many banks offer, so you can store valuable items or documents that you don’t want to become lost or stolen by someone. A private safety security deposit box at the bank is charged with a recurring fee, but many experts recommend this option because the safety deposit boxes are often insured. Also, it is less likely that a criminal will get a hold of the items this way. As mentioned before, criminals can still choose to steal an entire safe if they are brazen or capable enough. If you really have items that you don’t want anyone to have access to, try talking to a bank to see about getting a safety deposit box instead of locked storage at your own location.


Best Home Safes

The five best home safes, according to Business Insider, are the following:

  • Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe
  • Amazon Basics Security Safe
  • SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire Safe
  • First Alert’s 2092DF
  • BARSKA biometric safe

These options include best fireproof, waterproof, biometric and other types of safes and lock boxes, otherwise known as security boxes. If you need help with home security problems, call the experts at Protect America for a consultation. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.