ProtectAmerica offers a new wireless home security control panel to all new customers. The security control panel is a manufactured system monitored by Protect America. This control panel differs from which ever type of monitoring you get from PA whether it may be cellular, broadband, or land line. The wiring and internals of the actual system will be different.

Simon XT Control Panel

The Simon XT control panel is a sleek smooth white color with an illuminated blue screen. The panel has an open keypad which is easy accessible for panel commands by button. Control the alarm panel easily but the press of a button.

Simon XT Panel Compatibility

The Simon XT control panel is compatible with the all the wireless equipment Protect America provides with the exception of a cellular monitored alarm system. This includes sirens, smoke detectors, key remotes, keypads, motion detectors and heat sensors. The cellular monitored system may need to take Z Wave technology. Consult with your security provider before purchasing.

Simon XT Security Control Panel Features

The Simon XT features a number keypad which allows you to arm and disarm the system when typing in your code. Most importantly this panel also features 3 emergency buttons. One of the buttons is for the police department and has a badge on the actual button. The next button has a fire icon on it to have the fire department sent out immediately to your location. And the last button is for the EMS to be sent out in case of a medical situation. Any one of these buttons needs to be pressed twice in order for the police to dispatch. These are panic buttons and the proper dispatch center will be notified and sent out automatically without calling. They will dispatch and then call. You will also be provided with a 4 digit duress code, that dispatches the police when pressing this secret code. It will silence you alarm but send out the police.

If you are a current customer and have an old system you can upgrade to our new Simon XT security control panel. Make sure and contact your customer service department to see what kind of deals you are available to.

If you are a new customer sign up today to get a free security system and ask about any specials going on. We are always happy to make sure to get you secured. Just fill out the form on there right column with your contact info and a security expert will contact you.