For decades home security systems were limited solely to homes and businesses because of installation methods and procedures. With the advancement of technology, several companies can offer home security for renters in condos, apartments and town homes. While acquiring home security at an affordable price has been rather difficult for renters in the past, new technology has made it possible for equipment and monitoring fees to be affordable for all. Wireless and cellular equipment allows renters to install home security equipment on their own time with no holes, drills, or hammers. With so many companies jumping on board with accommodating the lifestyle of a renter, it is difficult to decide which one is best for you. However, even without purchasing a home security system, there are many other ways to secure your condo or apartment from burglars. In this post, we will discuss the various ways to secure your dwelling as a renter, security system or not.

Before Moving In

Before moving in, do your research! It is important to take some things into account in order to ensure your ultimate safety:


  • Research Your Local Crime Statistics: It is fairly easy to check your local crime data in any given vicinity. Make sure you know about any sketchy activities that have happened in your area before you commit to signing a lease. Consider talking to the local police and your future landlord or neighbors in order to get a genuine idea of what it is like living in that particular area. You can also check out if there is any type of neighborhood watch. Sometimes in apartments, the apartment buildings will come together to form a watch program within the rental community. If you feel like a home security system is necessary, it is never a bad investment. The Copper package from Protect America is perfect for small homes and apartments. You can also take it with you anywhere!
  • Change Your Locks: In most cases when you move into a new place, your landlord will change your locks for you prior to the move. However, not everyone does this. Encourage your landlord to change all your entrance and exit locks. If they will not do this for you, definitely change them yourself. You can even consider investing in a key-code deadbolt lock such as the Yale Z-Wave Door Lock. Unlock doors with your phone, program multiple user codes and check the status of your lock from anywhere, anytime. Don’t risk somebody being able to return to your apartment with an old key.
  • Examine All Entry Points: Before moving in, you will most likely be able to check out the condo or apartment in person before acutely putting your stuff in there. At this time, you’ll want to examine all the windows that exist in the dwelling. Treat every window as if it were an entry point. Good window locks keep intruders from gaining easy access to your residence. Especially if you are moving into a place that is on the ground level. If you’re worried about the windows after examining them, don’t let it discourage you completely. You can always invest in additional locks or upgrade what is already there. For maximum security, consider investing in door/window sensors for all entry points.
  • Note Fire Escapes: In apartment complexes, exterior fire escapes can be lifesavers during an emergency, but their access to windows and balconies can also attract burglars. Take this into account before you make your final decision. Make sure all fire escapes are sealed off properly as to not allow intruders form gaining access to your condo or apartment. Also, most rental spaces require a smoke detector. However, not all of the units are up to code. Consider investing in a monitored smoke detector for your new condo
  • Peepholes: A peephole can keep you and your family safe in a rental home or apartment by allowing you to know who is at the door without having to open it. When someone is at the door that you may think looks suspicious, a peephole will help you and your family avoid any potential hazardous situations.


Boost Your Security

When renting, take your safety into your own hands and make sure to explore all your security options. Don’t let your security become compromised if your landlord refuses to work with you in making it as safe as possible. Instead, take personal steps in order to make your condo, rental home, or apartment as safe as it can possibly be for you and your family. Additionally, it will boost your security immensely if you invest in a security system. Protect America is able to provide you the reliability of a professionally monitored system and still maintain the simplicity and affordability of a do-it-yourself device. Consider calling us today and stay tuned for more security tips for renters after you move.