When someone becomes of senior age, it is likely family members will become concerned about their well-being if they live in a home of their own. Security is a concern that will require a bit of preparation to keep elderly inhabitants safe at all times. There are several options available to help in securing a home where elderly people live. An ounce of prevention can be a lifesaver if an emergency arises. Better to be safe than sorry.

Talk About The Positives Of Being Private

Sitting down to discuss privacy issues with seniors can be beneficial in making them understand that not all people have their best interest in mind. It is wise to refrain from placing items outdoors that can be indicative of the lifestyle an elderly person lives. Make sure to alert them to secure trash inside of garbage bags and to shred documentation so this information can not be used in any manner.

Adding curtains, draperies, or blinds to all windows in the home will help the inhabitant(s) to keep their inside activities from being seen from those passing by. This will also hide any valuables that may be on the premises. Outdoors, covering vehicles or lawn equipment will be helpful in keeping these items out of view.

Create A Plan For When An Emergency Arises

It is best to have a pro-active plan in place should a situation arise where an elderly person is in need of help right away. They should have a working cellular phone to utilize should they need to alert a family member or law enforcement employee about an emergency. An alarm system where authorities are alerted when a breach in security arises in the home can be extremely helpful in getting someone to check on the home in a timely manner. If the person needs to get out of their home in a hurry, they should have a meeting place set up so family members can come to their aide without delay.

Trick Potential Thieves Into Thinking People Are Home

When an elderly person needs to leave their home for any length of time, it is wise to have them wave at the abode as they depart. This may seem like a silly action, however, if someone is watching the wave in progress, they will be less likely to target the home in fear that someone is still inside. It is also beneficial to have a lighting system in place both inside and outside of the home.

Inside, lamps should be placed on a timing device. This will keep specific lamps illuminated at designated times, making potential thieves think someone is inside. It is best to switch the times that the lights are turned on and off so a pattern is not obtained. Outdoors, flood lighting and motion detection lighting will help to keep thieves from getting too close to a home without being seen by another.


Installing Professional Equipment For Security

There are several additions to a home that will aid in protecting seniors. Here are just some of the available options that can help in keeping seniors safe.

  • Video Monitoring
  • Monitored Fire Alarms
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Motion Detection Equipment

Many of these options are relatively easy to install and maintain. Speaking with a professional is best in obtaining recommendations of how to equip a specific type of home, window or door. They will walk customers through the process of selecting features that will keep seniors secure at all times.

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