There’s seemingly nothing more important in life than making sure the things that we care about are properly taken care of. Thanks to massive improvements in home security technology, homeowners everywhere have the ability to wirelessly protect their home by way of a variety of different alarms. With the assistance of companies like Protect America, it has become easier than ever to maintain a fully secured home with a wide variety of different tools. One of the most important pieces of a home security system’s setup, of which there are many, is the home video security system. Today, our focus is going to be on the importance and effectiveness of video home security.


Staying Secure With Video Monitoring Systems

When discussing home security in a general sense, the vast majority of mind’s will immediately jump to locks, guns and eventually video cameras. Video cameras shouldn’t be last on that list, however, as they’ve become one of the greatest crime deterrents that homeowners can hope to utilize. Let’s go ahead and jump into this discussion on home video security so that we can hope to understand it better before implementing a system within the confines of our own homes.

With the addition of a video surveillance system, homeowners are dramatically improving not only their home security but also their ability to identify and incriminate any potential intruders.

Video monitoring systems are incredibly important and they are also incredibly diverse. Companies like ADT and Protect America offer numerous different types and models of set-ups, but there are a few themes that keep them all collected together. Let’s look at some important, albeit general, information surrounding home security.

  • Wireless Or Wired – When looking at home video monitoring systems, customers have to make an early choice: do they want a wired or wireless system? There are many pros and cons to each type of setup and it all depends on the user and their budget.
  • HD Image Quality – Next up, we have to discuss video quality as it pertains to our home security systems. Video quality can dramatically change depending on the price and style of the camera. While all modern home security systems tend to look good, the quality can dramatically change.
  • Night Vision – Additionally, homeowners have to consider whether or not they want their cameras to be able to see in the dark by way of night vision. Night vision allows homeowners to monitor inside and outside of their home at all hours of the day or night. We find that night vision is incredibly important for a properly secured home monitoring setup.

Now that we know a little bit more about the different aspects of a video monitoring system, we can maneuver our discussion toward the tangible benefits that they can offer.

The Benefits Of Professional Video Monitoring

As homeowners build their security system, they’ll have to make a pretty big decision surrounding whether or not they decide to incorporate home video cameras. Some homeowners are adverse to the idea, considering it infringing on their own privacy, while others believe in having the most amount of security possible. Let’s see if we can reach a middle ground between these two thoughts in order to appreciate the value of home security cameras.


Home security cameras work as a deterrent for potential criminal activity. It’s true! When potential criminals see signs of a camera system, they are overwhelmingly more likely to pass up on causing trouble in that particular home. While simple signs, such as the ones employed by ADT or Protect America, can work, it is always better to have a real system of cameras backing them up.

Home security cameras can save lives, so long as they are partnered with professional video monitoring. With professionally monitored systems, the authorities can be on their way as soon as a problem arises.

Protect America Provides Unique Home Security Packages

Outfitting a property with a quality home security system is incredibly important. It is vital that people feel confident in the security system in their home and that is why we advise turning to Protect America for a free estimate on a potential setup. Protect America is the 14th largest home security company in the country and they offer free installation, locked-in rates, and 24/7 monitoring services.