Yesterday we discussed some home security factors to consider before you make the decision to rent a place. Today we will list another set of security factors to consider after you have moved into a rental space. Whether it is an apartment, a condo, or a town home, renters have a higher chance of falling victim to burglary than those who own homes. In fact, according to a study done by the National Crime Prevention Council, renters are actually 85 percent more likely to experience a home invasion than those who own one! With the advancement of technology, home security is now a very accessible option for renters. Home security has not always been affordable either. Now, Protect America offers DIY systems with professional monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month! Even without purchasing a home security system, there are many other ways to secure your condo or apartment from burglars. In this post, we will discuss the various ways to secure your dwelling as a renter, security system or not. There are certain signs that those living in an apartment should be aware attract burglars. 

After You Move

After you have done your research on the place of interest, you finally move into your new apartment or condo. You’ve already taken security measures into account before you rented the space. Now you can follow this guide for securing your new home after the move. 


  • Don’t Make It Easy: Burglars are always on the lookout for an easy mark – an apartment with no people, lots of valuables, and a way to get in and out quickly. If you live alone, take extra care to make sure that your place isn’t one that gets targeted. Keep valuables such as televisions, computers, gaming consoles, music equipment, and power tools away from the windows. Close your curtains or blinds to keep people from peeking into your apartment. Burglars that can see a visible item of interest from the outside might be more temped to break into your space if he or she can spot something of value from the window. Be inconspicuous. 



  • Lock Doors and Windows: As with any living space, you want to always remember to lock all doors and windows. However, more than 30% of burglars entered residences through an unlocked door or window! With a home security system you can monitor all entry points with door/window sensors, creating as perimeter of safety around your home. Even if you step out for just a minute, don’t think twice about leaving the door unlocked. It takes a burglar less than ten minutes to go through a home, locate values, and escape undetected. Just get into a habit of locking it every time. 
  • Know Your Neighbors: Communities are made by people getting to know each other and looking out for one another. You don’t have to be best friends with your neighbors, but you should definitely get to know them. If you aren’t on a first-name basis with your neighbors, head on over with a plate of cookies and introduce yourself! You’ll be surprised by the safety benefits that will come your way. If your neighbors know you work a day job and see someone snooping around your place while you’re gone, they will be able to give you a heads up or watch over your place. You and your neighbors share a common goal: to stay safe! One of the best things you can do to help ensure your apartment or condo is secure is to get to know your neighbors.
  • Emulate Occupancy: If you leave your apartment or condo often, consider taking some steps to emulate the appearance of occupancy. For example, try switching to a low-energy light bulbs and leaving a light on when you go out – that way it looks like someone’s home. If you live alone, consider adding a fake name or two to your mailbox or door plate. In many cases, burglars try to target solo-nesters because there is less of a chance of being caught by a family member. If you are in fact living alone, consider saying goodbye to “someone” when you leave. You can purchase handy little appliance modules that will control your lights or other appliances for you. At Protect America, our appliance modules are easy to use. You can control whichever appliance connected to the module with your smart phone!


  • Get Renter’s Insurance: Renter’s insurance will protect the value of your possessions in case they are stolen or destroyed by a disaster. Your landlord may have an insurance policy, but those generally only cover the building you live in, not your personal belongings. Some landlords require their tenants to purchase renter’s insurance prior to moving into the unit. If you are burglarized, the chances of recovering your valuables are typically slim. Renter’s insurance will protect your stolen property as long as it’s listed on your policy and you meet the coverage limits. Renter’s insurance is typically inexpensive and well worth the investment, like a home security system. You may think you don’t own very much, but consider the cost of replacing everything you own in the event of a theft or a fire.
  • Use a Safe: Investing in a safe for important documents, cash, passports, and valuables such as jewelry is generally a good idea, especially for apartment dwellers. A safe can be a last line of defense to protect your most valuable and irreplaceable possessions. Safes come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily go online to find a safe that fits your budget and sizing needs. You can ask your landlord about bolting it to the wall or floor in order to secure it. Obviously, a safe cannot guarantee the absolute protection of your valuables. However, it can be a great deterrent and safety measure for safeguarding important things.
  • Get a Home Security System: If a person’s apartment doesn’t have a home security system, they should ask the property manager about installing one. If this isn’t something they’re willing to pay for, tenants should consider taking on the expense. Fortunately, there are a number of different affordable home security options out there for renters. Protect America offers The Copper package for small homes and apartments. The Copper Package is easy and customizable to every dwelling. Specifically designed to cover the basics; this package provides crucial protection all for one of the best prices in the industry. This package has no equipment or installation fees and is ideal for small spaces. 

As a renter, remember to be extra careful when leaving for long periods of time. A home security system can be a great defensive measure for you and your family. Consider calling Protect America. We have a long 20 year history, a large customer base, and a wealth of experience. Whatever your needs, we can help you.