Security system signs are a warning that a security system is in place. As a visual warning and deterrent, they are most effective when easily viewed, so place them by doors and windows where they can be seen and make sure that they aren’t obscured by landscaping, lawn furniture, and decorative elements.


Not all security system signs are created equal. When it comes to security signs, the options are fake signage, generic security warning signs, and authentic signs advertising the use of a reputable and respected home security company.

Some homeowners, when considering home security options, turn to fake or generic security signs, which can be bought online or at a home improvement store for around $10, as their sole means of security. The question is, how effective are decoy signs at preventing crime?

Signs of Security that Truly Matter

If a burglar is easily daunted, counterfeit signage may work. The problem is, that they can bring undue attention to the property. If a burglar realizes that the sign’s an empty threat, the property owner has left themselves vulnerable. If the would-be robber has noted the times that the family is usually away, this could be leaving possessions, property, and family at risk. And let’s be frank; if you know that bogus security signs can be had, so do the burglars. 

Let’s start by defining terms: The difference between burglary and robbery is that the former is breaking and entering into a property and the latter when theft occurs. The Electronic Security Association estimated that 2,103,787 burglaries occurred in 2012. However, 354,520 of those burglaries became robberies. That’s about 17 percent. This highlights how essential a working home alarm security system is when a residential burglary attempt occurs. Conversely, generic security signs can be useful if they are backed by a home security system. It’s hard to ignore the numbers that say nearly three-fourths of all uncompleted intrusions can be traced back to an alarm system. warns about fake signs —

Nothing will happen if your home is broken into. If you have a home security system, it will alert you and the monitoring center of the breach. Without it, the burglar will call your bluff pretty quickly and make off with your belongings.

Insurance Values Authentic Signage and Rewards Diligence

While using fake security signs will save the homeowner an initial outlay, it will not protect property and may engender a false sense of safety. Plus, the generic signage will not help save money with homeowner’s insurance. Signage that comes from a home security company that offers monitored home security often helps homeowners save money on their home insurance premiums. Insurance companies are well aware of the efficacy of signage backed by a monitored home security system.


Install Signage that Means What It Says and Says What It Means

When you are ready to take action that will truly protect family, property, and possessions, then get security signage that is backed by a respected home security company. Interested in monitored home security? Request a free quote from Protect America, a leader in the field of monitored home security. Then, when the security sign warns that this home is protected, the words have weight behind them. Some reasons to consider Protect America to provide security systems for your property and loved ones are:

  • Total Protection: Rest easy knowing that you are enjoying 24/7 professionally monitored home security. This means that any alarms are broadcast to first responders.
  • Go with a Winner: Protect America is a nine-time “Consumers Digest” Best Buy winner.
  • Simple & Affordable: Home security priced as low as $30 a month. Peace of mind that is priceless.
  • Security Equipment Gratis: Sign up and receive up to $1,400 in free equipment. Free is good. Secure is excellent. Put them together, and you have a winning deal.
  • Locked-in Rate: Enjoy the security of a contract that guarantees your rate. Other home security companies can’t touch that.
  • No Installation Fees: None. Besides the security of a locked-in rate, Protect America also offers a price-match guarantee. If you can find a better deal Protect America will match it. That makes shopping for home security systems much more secure.