Feeling safe is a top priority when it comes to our home lives. We want to feel secure when we go home from work or recreational activities, and our home is our place of Zen and relaxation. If those feelings are compromised, we can never truly be at ease. 


There are security systems available to help us keep our families and belongings safe. Unfortunately, these systems can oftentimes be out of our budget. But on the upside, there are cheaper solutions that can help ward off potential thieves. Security stickers can be an affordable solution to warding off would-be robbers and people who want to do harm to your property. While you are running a gamble without a proper home security system, they can still get the job done. Read on to discover three ways to utilize security stickers. When you use these stickers to your advantage, they serve as an affordable way to keep your house safe. Some of the top places to buy home security stickers include:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Other electronic retailers where security systems are sold

Place Them on Windows

You want to place security stickers in potential break-in spots on your house. This means any robber who is trying to break into your house via a window will most certainly see the security sticker and think twice about intruding.

Don’t Buy One That Looks Fake

The last thing you want to do when shopping for security stickers is buying one that looks fake. Most thieves are well educated about what security systems are in the area and can spot one that looks remotely fake from a mile away.

Yard Signs

One of the best deterrents from break-ins is simply keeping a security sign in your front yard. A sign is usually visible and large enough to be spotted by anyone who could be creeping down your street and looking for a place to break into. Whether you have a security system or not, having a sticker or yard sign in place alerting them you have a system is something that these criminals will most certainly not want to take a gamble with.

It’s All About the Appearance

If a burglar can’t see your security sticker, how are they to believe your home is protected? Ideally, you will not only have security stickers and signs in place, but your home will actually be protected by a security system as well. Still yet, if you haven’t made the leap to invest in a security system, here are two additional tips for making sure you get the most out of security stickers and signs.

Illuminate Signs at Night

If robbers do end up coming to your property at night, you want to make sure to the yard sign or stickers are being illuminated. With this in mind, you should get security lights to illuminate at least one easy-to-spot security system sticker or sign.


Protecting Your Family

While security stickers can be a good deterrent to keep your family safe from criminals, it still doesn’t compare to the real stopping power of a security system. According to the Modern Wellness Guide,

“A recent University of North Carolina study found that the majority of burglars admitted to immediately fleeing a home when it had a security system or when an alarm sounded. Likewise, homes with security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized. And if that isn’t enough hard evidence, home security systems featuring motion-active video cameras may capture burglars in the act, and have the added benefit of deterring potential thieves.”

If you feel as if you are being targeted for a robbery, don’t wait! Get yourself a security system to ensure that you don’t become a victim of a crime. Here at Protect America, our number one goal is to make sure your family is safe, which is why we offer an array of benefits when you purchase a system through us. From free quotes to free installation and even locked-in rates, we have become a leader in the home security industry. What are you waiting for? Give us a call now.