Not everyone considers a security system when living in an apartment. The truth is, most apartment buildings do not even have front door security, much less in each apartment. However, the options for apartment renters are as diverse as homeowners. 

Most landlords would rather their tenants didn’t drill holes in the wall or install complex security systems that are difficult to take down. Especially if you tend to move from one place to another fairly frequently (say, every two years or so), then you don’t want to be tied down by an apartment alarm system of all things.


SimpliSafe is 100% wireless making it a favorite for its mobility and flexibility. Apartment renters often do not sign leases beyond a year, and a SimpliSafe security system moves when they move.

The fact it is wireless means no drilled holes or unknown cords and wires to fiddle with when choosing the perfect security system for an apartment renter.

The downside to SimpliSafe is the inability to connect remotely or automation options.  However, the offer of professional monitoring is available through multiple companies.

Both Amazon and Walmart carry the SimpliSafe brand.  Prices range depending on the specs a consumer needs.



FrontPoint is also 100% wireless which makes for an easy installation. Frontpoint utilizes equipment which is known as some of the best available. The use of allows for full home automation.

Even though Frontpoint locks a person into a contract, their customer service is known for their professional approach to their patrons.

When it comes to equipment, Frontline sells their variety of security systems, even those that do not require drills or holes in the wall for renters.


Vivant sells their own equipment without locking a renter into a long-term contract. However,  someone can find Vivant brand security cameras at Amazon.

Wireless and sleekly designed, Vivant’s equipment is perfect for a renter who also wants a monitoring service. They also focus on full-apartment automation if a renter chooses that route.

High quality comes with a price. Vivant’s monitoring service is not cheap, and their contracts are expensive if a renter wants to use their monitoring service.

Link Interactive

No one wants to lose their security deposit. Link Interactive is 100% wireless and uses WiFi technology. The latest Z-Wave automation technology is compatible with Link Interactive equipment that they sell directly.

Link Interactive works for people who are renters that move a lot and want to control their apartment’s monitoring.

The downside is the fact Link Interactive does not give a renter a self-monitoring option. But, they do not charge an arm and a leg to monitor, either.  

Nest Secure

A Nest security system is typically a security system found on every list. Even renters benefit from Nest’s ever-evolving technology.

Nest security systems are known for their high-quality equipment.  They are in stock at the local Best Buy, Walmart, or Amazon.  Whether in-store or online, Nest equipment is readily available.

The reason Nest security systems top most lists is because of the ease of installation, monitoring, and the ability to add to an apartment automation system.


Features to Follow for Apartments

  • DIY installation is important if a renter tends to move on a regular basis.
  • Minimal equipment is ideal because a security system that easily fits in a box works best for renters.
  • Contract-free monitoring does not require a commitment that keeps an apartment renter from moving without a disconnection penalty fee.
  • Portable security cameras are best for everyone. People never know when a camera requires moving to another angle. Packing a small security camera is also a benefit for those who move a lot such as those who rent apartments.

Whether Walmart, Best Buy, or Amazon, most apartment friendly security systems are easily found. However, installation and service might prove to be difficult. Protect America has professionally trained technicians available to answer questions, offer free quotes for monitoring, and no installation fee is required.