Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to gain peace of mind while also protecting your family and property even when you are not home. Choosing a home security system that is right for you depends on your security needs along with any budget you have available for the investment. Before settling on a local security company that you are unfamiliar with, there are a few factors to keep in mind when comparing pricing and long-term commitment fees. Once you have a clearer understanding of what each security equipment requires from you, move forward with a decision you feel comfortable with and confident in.


Did you know that properties without a visible home security system in place are 300% more likely to become the target of criminals and burglars?

Installation Costs

Before choosing a home security system it is important to compare installation costs from the top contenders you have in mind. Most home security companies require an initial installation cost and added fees when you are a new customer seeking service. Professional installation costs typically range from $29.99 to more than $299, depending on the home security provider you choose. If you want to skip installation fees and activate your home security service as quickly as possible, consider Protect America.

Contractual Agreements

Contractual agreements vary greatly with home security companies on the market. Not all home security companies require contractual agreements, although most that provide monitored home security services do require a minimal commitment.

The standard contract length for home security companies is typically 36 months or three years. While many top home security companies require only a 36-month commitment, there are also providers that require a minimum commitment of 60 months, or six years in total.

Be sure to inquire about contractual agreements required with each home security company you are interested in using. It is also important to learn whether your monthly service rate is “locked in” and guaranteed from the home security company you choose to ensure the total cost of your system does not skyrocket unexpectedly halfway through your agreement.

Cancellation Fees

When you are unsatisfied with your home security company, canceling while you have a valid contractual agreement in place can quickly lead to additional fees and extremely high penalties. Before signing a contract with any home security, review the terms of service regarding cancellation fees and what you are held liable for in the advent of canceling your service at any time while your contract is still active.


In some cases, security companies require customers to pay the full remaining balance of a contractual agreement, which can ultimately cost thousands of dollars for a service you no longer use or want to keep active. Other home security companies require a one-time fee for customers who wish to cancel their service after signing a contract. Research all of the home security companies near you to learn more about their cancellation policies before choosing to commit to one you can trust and rely on.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Any time you are searching for a home security system it is highly advisable to spend time reading reviews and testimonials from real customers (both past and present). Reviews and customer testimonials provide in-depth insight into a company’s method of customer service and whether or not the service they offer is worth the cost they charge. When you understand how others view local home security companies near you it is much easier to make a decision you feel confident in.

When you are looking to get started with a home security system you can trust and afford, consider Protect America. Protect America does not require customers to pay installation fees and also offers free equipment up to $1,400 when signing a new contract with the company.

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