Is there any field of technology more interesting and applicable to daily life than that of the home security field? Home security has quickly become one of the most important technological sectors in the United States of America. As technology advances and becomes more affordable, more and more average Americans are considering installing home security systems in order to feel safer and more comfortable. While crime rates have actually dropped throughout America, there is still at least one home break-in every 15 seconds. Those numbers are eye-popping and we don’t blame anyone for rushing to the store to get a security system. Today, we are going to take a close look at some industry news for security systems. Keep on reading!


Trending Security System News For 2018

We’ve spoken extensively on the topic of home security innovation over the past couple of years, and that won’t change going forward. Right now, the entire industry is abuzz with the way that security systems are evolving and integrating into our day-to-day lives. What ways do we mean specifically? We’re glad that you asked, keep reading after the jump in order to find out.

According to crime statistics put together by the F.B.I., more than 5,800 home break-ins are reported every, single, day. Of these break-ins, nearly 90% of them will happen when the house is empty — leaving only your security system as witness to identify the perpetrator.

Right now, several key home security companies are looking to innovate their core products. Companies like ADT, Vivint and Protect America are all moving toward higher-end equipment thanks to the continual reduction in manufacturing price and overall system cost. Additionally, we’re seeing more and more companies look to smart home technology in order to create more fluid, interactive and intuitive security system. Products like Google Home and Alexa are going to be major players in the field of home security going forward.

Moving on, we’ve also seen some promising new companies work their way into the fold. August Home is a smart lock company that works in part with ASSA. August Home just registered their 1 millionth user and growth seems to be predicted for years going forward. There is more room than ever for promising security system companies.

Security Systems Of The Future: Predictions For 2019

We’ve taken some time to talk about current industry news in the field of security systems. Now, let’s take a moment so that we can look into the future of what 2019 and beyond has in store. Home security has changed dramatically over the last several years and it is easy to see how the industry is changing going forward. Here are a few key spots that we believe are worth paying attention to:

  • Smart Home Technology – With products like Alexa and Google Home becoming popular, we have no doubt that security systems are going to become an extension of our current smart home technology. Pretty soon, our entire homes will be automated.
  • Wireless Networking – There are still wired security systems for sale at every major home security retailer, but we predict that to change in the coming years. Soon, everyone will be running their systems through wireless networks.
  • 4K Video Quality – Right now 4K video quality is considered a luxury for even the most exorbitant of security systems. As compression technology gets better, we expect 4K to become the new norm in home security.


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Protect America is probably one of the more respected home security companies in the United States of America. Founded in 1992, Protect America has risen to become the 14th most popular security company in the entire country. Their work as a hands-on DIY team of security system professionals has been considered both affordable and of high quality. In fact, now is a great time to consider adding a Protect America system to a homeowners security list.

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