No matter how much you’ve done to establish a strong home security presence in your house, condominium or apartment, it’s important to think about ways in which you can make your home safer on a consistent basis. Of course, the more secure your home becomes, the harder it will be to come up with new ideas to improve your situation. Here at Protect America, we think that it’s often best to put ourselves in others shoes when trying to resolve a complicated situation. When it comes to innovating or finding flaws within your home security, try taking a moment to see your residence through the eyes of a burglar. This process can be informative and beneficial, so take a look at these tips from Protect America regarding how to see your home through a burglar’s eyes:

What are you projecting?

When attempting to understand how a burglar might see your home, consider what image you project to the community around you. For example, leaving bicycles or landscaping equipment scattered about the yard may give an image of carelessness, which could be taken as an indication that you might not notice something going missing. The same logic can apply to homeowners who leave their garages open. An exposed vehicle or other stored possessions comes across as a moment of opportunity to a burglar. An unkempt yard or accumulated mail, similarly, project that you might be out of town. Inversely, keeping your home neat and orderly gives the image that you are both present and attentive, which could deter would-be criminals. You may also want to consider installing home security cameras so that anyone casing your home for a potential robbery will understand that your safety is being monitored.

Entry points

One of the first things a burglar will look for when examining your home before a robbery is where their potential entrance and exit points are. While preventing this may seem simple and obvious, just locking your doors is oftentimes not enough. Thieves will look for any way to enter a home, so it’s important to consider potential weak points around the exterior of your residence. For example, if you use window unit air conditioners, you’ll want to make sure that they are very securely affixed and in place. If they aren’t screwed in properly, a burglar will note their ability to simply remove them from the outside of your home to gain entrance. You’ll be able to rectify this issue by using strong screws or brackets to affix the air conditioning unit to your window frame or windowsill.

Pronounce protection

Not only do home security systems make it more difficult for burglars to rob your home, but they may deter them from trying to enter your residence in the first place. Consider placing decals on your windows or yard signs indicating the presence of a Protect America home security system. This way, before any crime can be attempted, it will be made clear that your house is being monitored. If you want to have the same effect in the dark of night, you can try our solar powered yard light, which casts an illuminating glow over your yard sign once the sun goes down. Lastly, affixing an external siren to one or more walls of your home will allow your neighbors to be made aware of your alarm being activated. This way, you’ll always have the community on your side in the event of a break-in, which can prove to be absolutely invaluable