More retirees are choosing to stay in their homes, but to do this they have to make a few changes. As an aging adult, you may have a more difficult time completing certain tasks. Fortunately, a few modifications to your house will help you maintain an independent and safe lifestyle. Here are a few of the best home and lifestyle changes to make:

Get a Medical Alert Device for Seniors Citizens

Living on your own gives you a huge sense of freedom, but what if an emergency occurs? Get yourself some backup by investing in a medical panic pendant or watch. These devices can be worn either around your neck or wrist and are activated by holding down a button. When you have a medical pendant (which is waterproof), you’ll be part of an alarm monitoring network. Should you activate your watch or pendant, a monitoring center will be notified. They then alert the proper authorities and help will arrive quickly.

Medical alert devices give both you and your loved ones peace of mind because you’ll have the fast assistance you need in an emergency.

Improve Home Lighting for Elderly Residents

Dim indoor and outdoor lights are bad at showing you hazards, such as an uneven sidewalk or wet spot on your floor. Avoid slipping on an unseen danger by adding brighter lights in your home and yard. Pick light bulbs that have the highest wattage recommended for your fixtures, such as lamps. Look at your lighting fixtures to find out what bulbs are recommended. You can also talk to a sales assistant at a hardware store to discover which bulbs are best. Avoid replacing bulbs in high places yourself and ask a friend or family member to do it instead.

Add Non-Slip Flooring to Kitchens to protect Aging Parents

Be sure the carpet and rugs in your home don’t slide along the floor. Carpets that are installed on top of wood stairs should be secure. Watch out for areas where your carpet may be coming up, as it could cause a tripping hazard.

Your bathroom and kitchen are dangerous because spilled water is easy to slip on. Both rooms should have non-slip mats where you can stand. Put one in front of your sinks, counters and shower. To protect aging parents, get no-slip strips for the inside of your tub or shower. These are adhesive pieces of rubber that stick to the bath and provide traction while you wash.

Install Home Security Systems

Protect your home from outside threats with a home security system. These devices are easy to use and come with a variety of options. For example, you can get a video camera, motion sensor, glass break sensor and garage door sensor. Hook your system up to the monitoring center. The workers there will alert the proper authorities should your system detect an intruder. Whether you’re out with friends or home alone for the night, your security system will give you peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Install Support Bars in Lavatories and Bathrooms

Support bars are essentially sturdy handrails that can be installed anywhere in your home. The bathroom is a great place to hang support bars because they can steady you as you climb into your tub or shower, or as you use the toilet. You can also install the bars throughout your home to give yourself a hand when walking around. Think about which parts of the house are difficult to traverse. For example, if you feel unsteady walking down a long hallway or need an extra hand getting in and out of bed, then go ahead and install support bars. Outdoor staircases should also have railings.

Use Fire Safety Measures

Each floor of your house should be equipped with a smoke detector. These devices will alert you should if there is smoke inside the house, giving you time to get outside. Check the batteries every few months and make sure you can hear the alarm no matter where you are inside.