Protect America’s DIY (do-it-yourself) home security offering, accompanied by sleek and concealable products, makes setting up the scene for your Protect America system and sensors simple. And the scene will remain aesthetically pleasing to the home.

If the control panel of your security system is the main course, the sensors are the beverages. They’re just as vital to the main course, and they complete the perfect pairing.

Our quick guide will help you set up the “scene,” or area that will be necessary to get your door or window sensors up and running and communicating properly with your Protect America system.

Getting the Scene Set

Start the process by preparing the mounting area by cleaning the surface with an alcohol based solution. Warm soapy water or alcohol wipes can also be used. The important thing here is to simply make sure that the area where sensors will be placed is clean, and to make sure that the area is subsequently dried after cleaning. Having a clean and dry area will ensure that sensors stay in place and do not fall down or install improperly.

Next, make sure that the sensors are no more than 3/8th’s of an inch a part when you begin to place them. This length a part is about the width of a number two pencil. When installing a door or window sensor, you want to find the arrow or notch on the sensor and make sure that they line up.

Every sensor comes with an adhesive Velcro strip to attach to a door or window, accompanied with the corresponding magnets as well.

After the sensors are placed, do a test to make sure that the sensor is working properly and isn’t receiving any interference. This is done by placing the sensor on the door where you would like it to be, the magnet on the frame, and lift the magnet off of the frame and listen for the control panel to beep and say “front door.”

Each door and window sensor comes automatically programmed into your system as the front door, so that’s why you’ll hear the “front door” mention every time. But don’t worry, the sensors will be renamed. That’s simply a later step in the process. If the control panel responded with “front door,” that means the test was a success.

Simply mount a sensor and magnet and hold on to the surface firmly for 30 seconds each, now open the door or window once more and listen to the control panel again to make sure that they are communicating.

Each sensor is labeled with a number, so write down the number and location on the sensor information worksheet. This is important when activating the system.

Additional Help

At Protect America, we believe that something as crucial as home security — meant to provide peace of mind — should never be a stressful process. This is why we make our DIY systems as easy as possible, and we provide customer support to help our customers be guided through the necessary steps.

For further help installing door and window sensors, you can view our video guide that we’ve attached to the bottom of the page, or you can view our visual guide, our customer support page for help from Protect America team members, and our system installation page for other questions.