Shocking Video: Postal Workers Toss Packages

You ordered something online. You anxiously await the arrival of your purchase. The day comes and it’s… broken? With shocking videos like these circulating the internet, it’s no wonder some delivery companies are coming under scrutiny.

This shocking video was posted to the popular internet forum Reddit recently, and sparked outrage by users who were tired of watching lazy drivers abuse their position. One comment reads “You should claim the packaged as damaged with USPS and show them the video.”  Another, more sarcastic submitter advises “you should set out a little soccer or hockey goal by the garage.” No matter how you look at it, this behavior is difficult to defend.

Some delivery drivers might have gotten used to their bad habits – especially since it’s difficult to prove that your damaged package is the fault of the delivery company. Well, it was difficult at least. We can’t tell you how many of these shocking videos we’ve seen, which means residents are wising up and placing cameras that will capture this unacceptable behavior. Luckily, wireless cameras have become much more available to the average consumer, and don’t require tapes or hard drive storage like they used to. In fact, the majority of them record to internet or “cloud” storage. Since they’re wireless, they don’t require a crazy professional install or anything complicated.

Security isn’t just for burglary, after all. It’s meant to protect you from crime of all kinds. A Reddit account entitled “USPSSocial” comments:

“We are currently investigating whether this is one of our employees or another courier service; please know that we do not condone delivery in this manner regardless of the service provider, and if this is one of our carriers, it will be addressed with the carrier. We strive to provide the best service possible and appreciate our customers. We will keep you posted of our efforts.”

Although it is almost impossible to verify the validity of the shocking account, it’s good to know that USPS takes this seriously. But if this outrageous video hadn’t been recorded – if there was nothing documenting this kind of bad behavior, there would be no one to hold responsible. There would be no community outrage, and nothing would be done about it. We are definitely advocates for smart protection, and by smart I mean simple, reliable technology that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and anyone can use. If equipment isn’t user friendly and only James Bond can figure it out, what’s the point?

Think that was bad? Watch the below delivery driver throw what appears to be a packaged computer monitor over a fence.

You never know who is delivering your package, doing contract work around your house, emptying garbage cans, or even passing by. It’s easy to protect yourself from the unexpected, and as you can see – it’s very important to do so.

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Cover photo by Marc Falardeau via Flickr Creative Commons