Home Alarm Systems, Gunshots and the Unthinkable

Imagine coming home to your front door kicked in. Your house ransacked and belongings strewn about by someone who didn’t care. At this point, you’re not thinking about home alarm systems or even the police. You’re in shock. Imagine the confusion, sorrow and rage that hits you all at once. Picture, for a second, all these emotions swirling inside of you like a hurricane, then you make a grim discovery. Someone is still in your house.


Video via KSAT 12 San Antonio

If the video above tells us anything, it’s that some homeowners have simply had enough. There are neighborhoods, and even houses, that are more frequent targets for burglary. Once you have been a victim multiple times, you become desperate and may even resort to arming yourself with a firearm. While it is true that the horror of discovering an intruder in your house is indescribable, being put in a situation where you’re forced to defend yourself and even shoot someone only adds to it.

Feeling defenseless to the point where one is compelled to carry a weapon is terrible, indeed. In the case above, homeowners like these could very well have been saved from confrontation by having home alarm systems that forced the burglars to either flee or act quickly. Some brazen intruders will risk it all by sticking around for a minute while the alarm is sounding, but we’re willing to bet they won’t park a car in your garage and take their time loading up with your prized possessions.

The San Antonio Shooting and What We Can Learn

Home alarm systems will not stop some career criminals from trying to break in. Nothing will. But, relying only on a gun isn’t enough. Having a system in place that will automatically contact the authorities, sound a powerful alarm, and reach out to you via interactive technology is your best bet every time. There’s just no way you could do all of that at once and still protect yourself and your family. That’s why technology like this exists. We’re not arguing against gun ownership. In fact, there are cases every day in which homeowners protect themselves from tragedy with a legally-owned weapon. We’re just saying that placing all bets on a firearm isn’t enough. Your home and family is worth more than that gamble – and with today’s wireless technology making home security more affordable, it’s hardly a huge investment.

If you come home to a burglarized house:

  • Call the police immediately.
  • Do not go inside.
  • Remain on the phone with the police.
  • Be aware of any suspicious vehicles in the immediate area.
  • Remove yourself from the property if instructed, but keep an eye on your home.

When looking to secure your home:

  • Count the vulnerable doors and windows
  • Consider home alarm systems that interact with smartphones via apps like Protect America’s SMART Connect.
  • Look for systems with a second layer of defense inside the home like motion detectors or glass break sensors.
  • Develop a list of rules for home safety that include pointers like: never leave garage door open more than 3 minutes, always set alarm when leaving, etc.

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Cover image by Tex Texin via Flickr Creative Commons