For those of you in the market for a home security system, don’t even look at eBay as a source for your findings. You can find all kinds of home security systems on eBay with a quick search. While viewing detailed pictures, descriptions, and shipping options for each product sounds like a great way to narrow the search, beware. In this post, we warn you of the dangers associated with buying home security on eBay. There’s a lot of “do” and “don’t” information out there for eBay buyers, but it’s sometimes hard to get a concrete list of just what the risks are that buyers are meant to be avoiding.

Seller Fraud

Of course, this is the number one thing that every eBay buyer is worried about happening. Fraud is often what people suspicious of eBay often point to first. While seller fraud is not as common as people seem to believe, it does happen from time to time. Sellers engaging in fraud don’t stay on eBay for very long, but that’s of little consolation to those that are affected.



This is a particular risk when people shop on eBay because the tendency is to assume that everything on eBay is a fabulous deal. People who engage in bidding wars for products are especially at risk for this warning. However, even fixed price listings can often be much higher than what you would pay for it at a retailer. For example, some home security systems on eBay right now run close to $400 without the added factor of monthly monitoring fees.

For as low as $19.99 a month, you can protect your home and family 24/7 with professional monitoring at Protect America. With purchase of monthly monitoring, our equipment is free. That’s right, it’s free. Now you can see why paying $400 up-front for a home security system you don’t even know will work from a private seller online can arise some suspicion. For $400, you could have monitored your home and family for almost two years with our free equipment that comes with monitoring at Protect America.

Unmet Expectations

Sometimes purchases can go wrong not through any dishonest practices. Whether by a seller’s supplier, a seller, or anyone else, but simply as a matter of misunderstandings, differences in values and assumptions, and unmet expectations. This is the kind of thing that happens when a seller describes something “like new” and the buyer receives the item in what they believe to be “poor” condition. The quality of the product is subject to the opinion of the buyer and the seller, often creating dissatisfaction on on person’s behalf.

Unwarranted Purchases

Another very important reason why you shouldn’t buy your home security system on eBay is the warranty you won’t be receiving on the purchase. Generally, home security systems come with a limited warranty depending on the manufacturer or retailer. If you buy an item on eBay, the seller is the one who has the warranty. A number of the security systems sold on eBay are used. Lots of security companies sell equipment that can only be monitored by the proprietary company after the contract is over. Sellers who have completed their contracts and don’t want a useless piece of equipment laying around would more than likely consider selling it on eBay. Items like this are generally sold AS-IS and will protect your home no more than locking your door would. Used equipment is not warrantied or the previous warranty is expired. It would be unfortunate to spend an arm and a leg on a security system via eBay only to see it break a few weeks later with no warranty. Don’t let this happen to you!

Consider a home security system from Protect America, where a lifetime warranty is guaranteed. Equipment is free with purchase of monitoring and you can take the system with you anywhere. Even when you finish your contract, our equipment is able to be monitored by pretty much any other monitoring company in the industry.