If you had considered purchasing a silent alarm system for your home, you may have wondered if it has benefits over using a system with a loud alert feature. There are several benefits to opting for a silent alarm system, as well as a few disadvantages. Here are some points to keep in mind when making the decision on which type of system is best for your household:

  • Silent alarms will not scare children or neighbors
  • False alarms problems need to be monitored
  • A perpetrator is more likely to be caught


Think About Who Lives In And Around The Home

If you have small children or pets in your home, a silent alarm system may be a better option for your situation. If the alarm is tripped, authorities are notified and someone is dispatched to come to the property to see if a theft is indeed the reason for the alert. Children and pets are likely to become very upset if a shrill alarm is present. This also holds true for those with heart conditions or elderly inhabitants. Neighbors may take it upon themselves to come to your property to try to stop a theft in progress, putting them in harm’s way. Alternately, if you do not have people living in your home that would become panicked, and if you do not have neighbors within close proximity of your home, an alarm with a sounding device will alert you of a problem without worry about scaring others in the process.

Get A Hold On False Alarms

Reduce false alarms as much as possible! Getting a bunch of false alarms from the same house tends to create a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” situation. Not to mention that false alarms account for a lot of the reason that some police departments are swamped with calls.

If you have an alarm system, the chance of false alarms is a possibility that needs to be dealt with head on to minimize their occurrences. A silent alarm system will alert authorities about a breach of security, but you may not be aware of it if you are asleep or not at home. If the incident alerting authorities is the result of a false alarm, police may not be as quick to come to your home if this type of scenario happens often. Take a look at your home for any reasons why your alarm may trip. This includes doors that do not remain shut, inadequate locking systems, or improper placement of an alarm control panel that is accessible by children or pets.


Consider The Punishment For A Thief

If you are concerned about making sure someone who tries robbing you gets justice for their crime, opting for a silent alarm system is best. These alarms will alert authorities that there is a break-in happening without alerting the thief themselves. The police will be more likely to catch the robber on the premises, stopping them from committing this type of crime again in the future. If you would rather that the thief leaves the premises quickly because there are children or others living in the home that would be at risk if an intruder was in the home longer, then a sounding alarm system is a better option.

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